Horror films

Ahhh The Ring... now that's a film that impresses me all over again each time I watch it. Rare for a remake to get it so right.
Now that's an aesthetically gorgeous, narratively rich spooky tale we can all get behind! And in front of!

I do think it's the rare improvement on the original as well. It has some good humor in it and the addition of the son character does raise the stakes a bit.
The Grudge was a great Halloween jump-scare maze of a film - literally, I've never seen so many people eject from their seats at cats springing out of closets etc, including one person who threw her bucket of popcorn backwards over the audience and landed on the floor after.

That dull-ass reboot from a few years ago was painful.

The Ring remake = Halloween
The Grudge
remake = Friday the 13th
Is this a space safe to say The Grudge 2 was actually quite fun(ny), thanks to kayako and toshio’s antics. The fact that the remake did away with them and went full grim and serious really didn’t help its case, though i did sort of get what the director was trying to go for.
Smile was shite.

The Ring isn’t just one of the best remakes, or even best horror movies, it’s just a great movie full stop. Managing to replicate the oppressive atmosphere of Ring was no easy task and they nailed it.

These days I would only deduct points for the casting of the son. Naomi should’ve let Samara take him.
Smile was such a fun cinema experience. Hoping the sequel devolves into iconic messery

If every single horror film has to be original then you’ll never enjoy another slasher/found footage flick, GURL STOP THIS NAO!

And this It Follows slander? When every shot and frame have its purpose, maintained tension throughout the film, well acted and warning the children about STDs? Bye! I’ve truly seen it all in this thread.

I’m gonna only start trusting @Hudvar because bestie did recommend me Thanksgiving to quench my jock thirst and what a fineeeee movie that was!
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Also to call something overrated when Smile wasn't as critically acclaimed but It Follows was? Get some perspective, girlie!