Horror films

Watched a rather decent TV movie from 1972 called 'When Michael Calls' with Michael Douglas. I haven't seen it for a very long time, it scared me a kid. The 70s & 80s had some very good TV movies, a lot of the great US ones we used to get here in the UK on Saturday nights.
Watched the original Danish film from 1994 'Nightwatch', which still holds up very well, much better than the US remake. I also watched the new sequel 'Demons Never Die', which was very good too, if not, slightly better than the original. It's starts off as a rehash of the original but then goes a bit 'Halloween 2018'. I wasn't expecting much, so I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.
Watched The Source of Snakes and uhhhhhh I miss when post Soviet republics used to churn out these horror classics and not just CGI Blumhouse ripoffs. The giallo inspired plot, the atmosphere... That was a classic, that was a classic! This and The Touch (1992) excel at that looming sense of dread


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Watched Winchester, thought it was awful.

Wolf of Snow Hollow was horror adjacent. Fun if a bit all over the place.

Sole Survivor now that was a classic!!



This looks way too scary for me (but also I NEED to see it!!)

I quite enjoyed Late Night With The Devil. Was it essentially just another exorcism movie when all is said and done? Sure. But I really appreciated the setting and visuals, the overall way the story was told was interesting and held my attention. Perhaps a movie that’s parts are better than the full package.