Horror films

I just read some reviews for this, premiered at Cannes two days ago. Sounds insane!! The teaser is very tasteful, it doesn't show a lot but why do I have a feeling this is going to be a cult classic?

Demi in a horror film

Well 'Strait-Jacket' was as camp as tits. First time watch and so much trashy fun. I couldn't tell if Joan Crawford was playing mad really well or she couldn't hide her feelings having being reduced to schlock. It wouldn't have worked without her though.
She was probably drunk. I love that movie.
Just finished The Glass House and pfffft you could tell that this movie was completely massacred in editing. Subplots that go nowhere, weird pacing, entirely cut characters... A The Faculty tea (except not good)! The last 25 minutes are a complete SCREAM though, I was not expecting it to get so convoluted and completely over the top. The entire movie should have been like that. Love the very 2000s look though. How come modern digital cinematography doesn't look nearly as nice and sleek?

Was going to see Darkness next despite the bad press it got... The 2000s were such a weird decade for horror.
I’ve got to admit that I did get a bit restless at points of I Saw The TV Glow but by the end I was completely shook. It so effectively creeps up on you that I didn’t even realise how unsettled I was. And when it has you there it really turns into something deeply horrific. That ending sticks with you. If Late Night With The Devil was a movie that’s parts were better than the whole package, this is a movie that’s whole is better than its parts.

Also I did really enjoy the entire aesthetic and the Buffy The Vampire Slayer nods/homages! I’d recommend this one to all the horror girlies.
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I hate to say it but I was a bit underwhelmed by I Saw The TV Glow, perhaps I was expecting more of a horror movie than what it delivered.
Yeah it leaned into drama territory rather than straight up horror. I feel like it was almost understated in the horror aspects for most of the movie, it paid off big time for me though. One of the best horrors of the year so far I think, although I can definitely understand why not everyone would like it (the guy sitting next to me at the cinema definitely didn’t ddd).
As I don't want any spoilers for Scream 7, I'm avoiding the thread and I don't want to google for the same reason.

Can anyone tell me, if there's an official release date yet?
Watched Sorgoi Prakov/Descent Into Darkness tonight. It was strange and some ending scenes were certainly unsettling and disturbing but overall it was a bit of a dud as I spent most of my time on my phone. I did feel unease at being home alone after watching it as my husband was at a friends house, which is not a feeling I'm used to. So maybe it had more impact on me than I'm accustomed to!
I seen Shudder had a sequel to 1994's Nightwatch so I thought I would watch the original (since I've only seen the Ewan McGregor remake by the same director) it was excellent. The scene in the apartment with the gloves....cinema! Can't wait to watch the sequel.