Horror films

Cathy's Curse was a very bad late 70's possession movie, that didn't make a lot of sense, was badly acted and had terrible dialogue. But it was fun/ny.

"It took three writers to come up with a screenplay in which the awfulness of the dialogue is only matched by the ineptness of the plotting."

"It doesn't have to make that much sense, done slickly. But Cathy's Curse squanders the licence, and its possibilities, with such insultingly careless abandon."

"All this plagiarism might be forgivable if the acting were even remotely bearable."


Amazing dialogue!

Cathy Gimble: Go on, you filthy female cow. Make us laugh!

Mme Gimble: Well, if it isn't the great medium as so... medium... I'd say extra rare piece of shit!

Cathy Gimble: Old bitch. Fat whore. Fat dried up whore.
Well I for one will be streaming Blood on White Satin on June 18th!

The billboards changing to have her doing the creepy smile would be the serve.
Hunter Hunter was very good. A very slow build and then that... It didn't go where I expected it to. Shocked to say the least.

I saw it back when it was released and really liked it. It had a slow build, but it wasn't slow paced (from what I remember). The ending though....

I saw Abigail last night and had a lot of fun with it. The third act could've been trimmed down a bit, but that's my only major gripe with it. Think the directors have a shot at directing (the apparently cursed) Blade movie after this?

The house (especially when they first enter it) had me thinking of Backstreet Boy's Everybody music video.
I watched ‘Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey 2’. Whilst it was still trash, it was such an improvement on the first one and kinda fun for the most part. The rave scene was camp. It had to be one of the most gruesome films I’ve seen though, a little too much focus on ‘eyes’ for my liking.

The plot twist being…

Pooh being Christopher Robin’s brother. The ‘Halloween 2’ of it all.
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My fav Joko Anwar has a new anthology series (!) on Netflix, called Nightmares and Daydreams. If you dig stuff like Black Mirror, Cabinet of Curiosities, Tales From The Crypt, etc.. I'd recommend you check this out, its pretty fun.