Horror films

I liked MaXXXine a lot! I agree with the general sentiment that it’s the weakest of the trilogy but I wasn’t disappointed by it at all. I think what held it back a little is it felt somewhat disjointed and the 80’s aesthetic that was so strong for the first 30 minutes kind of slipped away as the movie went on.

As others have said, the 3rd act could have ‘went there’ a little more, but that’s a critique I have of X also. I find cults extremely creepy, so more time spent with the cult members & leader towards the end would have been welcomed. If I had my way, we would have had the director and prosthetics girl end up at the mansion with Maxine with a 3-woman chase throughout the mansion with Maxine wreaking havoc on the random cult members. It would have cumulated in Maxine & the director sacrificing the prosthetics girl to the cult members to save themselves, which I feel would have fit in well after their ‘ruthless’ conversation earlier in the movie.

I would be down for another insallment, which looks to be in the works per the director. Set in the 90’s about the downfall of Maxine’s career with a 90’s slasher aesthetic would be wonderful.

A 90’s slasher in which Maxine is the killer, murdering people to try and revive her career/notoriety… oh I’d be perched
Longlegs seems to be having a moment. Got an email from the cinema saying my showing has been moved to a room double the size and it’s also taken some showtimes from other films.

It’s tracking in America has gone from $7-9m to potentially more than double.

Neon’s unique marketing campaign could be paying off big time. Good for them. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow.
Also, agreed about Death Proof. It’s my favourite Tarantino film.

Here in the UK they were released separately (I’ll never forgive America for letting Grindhouse bomb), but luckily Odeon did a one off showing as it was meant to be seen, months later and I got to go.
Me refreshing the Longlegs wikipedia page waiting for the synopsis to drop to determine if I'm gonna watch it

I'm in France and cinemas around me only have like 2 Longlegs showings per week that are not dubbed... I'm not paying to see it dubbed, surrounded by dumb noisy teenagers. Guess I'm gonna have to wait for VOD :(

I'm gutted.
Saw MaXXXine last night and really liked it, but yeah it was the weakest of the three. Something about the flow felt a bit jarring, like it was just a jumble of things happening rather than a strong cohesive narrative.

Lily Collins’ accent though… scream!

I spent half the film certain that Debicki was gonna be unveiled as the killer - drumming up the satanic panic publicity for her movies by branding the bodies, and the heavy Psycho references had me convinced they were doing some gender bending thing and that the killer was actually a woman.

So when the dad walked out I was very


They got me gal!
Death Proof is a banger; one of my favourite horrors from the 2000’s. I also love Planet Terror though so I guess I’m just a sucker for the whole Grindhouse package.

Also, I’m hyped about LongLegs but I’m going to give it a couple of weeks to see because I also don’t trust audiences to be quiet (despite my relatively busy MaXXXine showing earlier this week being an excellent audience). I feel LongLegs is going to be a film where it’s necessary to not hear people chatting, texting, rustling food every 2 seconds, etc.
Shelley! What a legend. So sad. My partner and I were actually just talking yesterday about if they ever rebooted The Shining (they shouldn’t but), Mia Goth would do an incredible job bringing a similarly iconic spin on the role Shelley made famous. She will forever be an icon. Lemme watch some Fairy Tale Theatre in her honor.
I watched The First Omen last night, it was not what I was expecting. Excellently shot, good acting, some hard to watch and unsettling moments. Despite all that, I didn’t fully gel with it. I just didn’t love it at all that much. A decent horror but I don’t think it will stick with me or ever warrant a re-watch.