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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. One of the best recent ones is for sure Eden Lake. I was shaken for weeks, and literally could not stop thinking about it for weeks after that. I would also recommend Switchblade Romance, and Frontier(s), both are French, both are fucking insane, and have nice subtexts. Switchblade has a killer twist as well. I would also recommend Them, which came out a couple of years back, which is a suspenseful but non-gory killer feature.

    I also love Wolf Creek, Ringu, Dark Water, A Tale of Two Sisters, Pulse, Ginger Snaps...

    Steer clear of "Mum and Dad" which came out recently. One of the most repulsive and conversely boring films I've ever seen.
  2. Switchblade Romance, good call! I've only seen it the once, and if nothing else, it keeps you hooked.
  3. The Descent is the best horror I've seen since I was a kid. Recently I was recommended "REC" and "Eden Lake". I am a bit exhausted by torture porn so probably wont see the latter. I enjoyed (endured?) "The Strangers" but it seemed pretty sadistic to its participants and the viewer. "Mirrors" was daft fun with a few good scares.
  4. You'll be surprised by Eden Lake, it's more akin to The Descent in the way its presented. Definately not torture porn, which I detest.
  5. Must-See Horror Films:

    Eyes Without a Face - AMAZINGLY sinister 60s French horror film. IMDB it

    The Ruins - came out last year. Nobody really saw it, I watched it online and thought it was rather effective.

    Horror Films I want to see but will probably try and find online as I don't think I can be bothered to pay for:

    Donkey Punch (sweet jesus what a title, imagine asking them at HMV if they had it in stock, imagine the look you'd get?!)

    Eden Lake. Evil chavs!

    DON'T watch:

    Catacombs. I love P!nk and Shannyn Sossamon, but the film itself was just rubbish.

    Boogeyman. Probably one of the WORST films ever. Its not even bad in a funny way.

    The Breed. Actually, watch it when REALLY drunk with some friends. A bunch of stupid collegy people up against evil dogs. And Michelle Rodriguez doing her typical "I'm a tough chick" role.

    Hostel 2. While I didn't like Hostel 1, it didn't disturb me nearly as much as Hostel 2. Maybe because it had women being tortured. Sexist, xenophobic, american frat boys going to Slovakia looking for pussy and getting carved up I can handle. Girls, including the one who played Anne Hathaway's best mate in Princess Diaries getting tortured, no-no. We're talking nightmares here.
  6. I would say good up to the end. Without spoilers, the twist did not work AT ALL. It doesn't work if you go back through the movie's events, it doesn't work physically, it just plain don't.

    Shame, because up til then, it was one of the best examples of that kind of movie I'd ever watched, but if I saw it again, I'd wait for a certain moment and press skip to get to the end credits.

    Chepedro also mentioned Ginger Snaps, which is damn good. Hardware is on Zone Horror tonight - very effective scifi horror.

    You and I sir, are in total fucking agreement here. I would also lay that claim on Wolf Creek.
  7. I love 'The Descent' although I am not allowed to watch it when my boyfriend is around, he loves horror films but really does not like this film because he says it's to grotesque. I personally like the build up in this film although it seems like a film of two halves.
  8. Anybody seen 'The creep'.... Is it worth seeing?
  9. NO NO! Watch Switchblade again closely - looks at the camera angles and stuff, its a stroke of genius!

    Wolf Creek is terrifying - if only because it plays with conventions so cleverly. Not in a Scream sort of way, but in a "holy shit I did not see that coming!" sort of way.
  10. The Creep or just Creep?

    'Creep' is pretty good and I recommend it, I've watched it numerous times and still get scared. Even though I find the scariest moment (not to spoil it but) when she first finds herself alone. Horrible.
  11. Good scary horror films:

    Nightmare on Elm Street (the 1st one).

    American werewolf in London.

    Black Christmas (the original).

    The Ring (the remake is easier to follow).

    Rec (already mentioned it the other day).

    Audition (not for the faint hearted).


  12. Yes,' Creep'..... 'The Creep' sounds like a song title.
  13. I saw 'Nightmare on Elm Street' in the cinema when it came out and thought 'wow' what a brilliant original horror. I have seen all the 'Nightmare' films over the years and the only rother one I really like is 3.

    How could I forget about the classy 'Carrie'. Carrie's mother scared me so much.......
  14. Ok, tonight I'm going to try Eden Lake, from what I've read it seems quite enjoyable (and it was the easiest for me to find download wise - oooh! I'm so naughty!) I shall report back!
  15. '30 Days of Night' is pretty scary. It's a vampire horror. I didn't expect much but I was terrified watching it in the cinema.

    Also, a Korean movie called 'Phone' is really creepy. It's got a 'Ringu/Grudge' vibe - about a cursed phone number.

    I agree with some of the others about 'The Descent' - brilliant British horror.
  16. Dag


    I'm not into torture porn at all, but if you can stomach a little gore, I'd highly recommend a little french horror flick called "Inside", or whatever that translates to in french. It's scary, and extremely disturbing.

    My favorite horror films have all been mentioned (The Orphanage, The Others, The Ring, The Devil's Backbone, The Descent), but I saw an old movie recently called "The Changeling", and I'm not sure if it was because I saw it alone at night with all the lights out, but it freaked me out. One of the best old-fashion ghost movies I've seen.

    And if I can recommend a Norwegian movie, it would have to be "Villmark" (or "Dark Woods" as it is horribly named in english). It's been a while since I've seen it, but it scared me.
  17. I really want to see "Let The Right One In" which is about a kiddie vampire... Looks literally genius.
  18. Oh, I forgot to mention 'Wind Chill.' Highly effective ghost story in the vein of classic horror tales, starring the amazing Emily Blunt.
  19. Can't watch horror films. Never seen a 'Saw', 'Halloween' or 'Scream'. I can't cope. I find it so stressful that it removes any sense of enjoyment. I get halfway through and I just think "Why am I doing this to myself?".
  20. Dag


    That's a great movie. I'm not sure if I would classify it as 'horror' though. It did have some tense moments, but I would say it's well worth a watch even for those who aren't into horror films.

    That said, there were a couple of people who walked out of the theatre during the first five minutes. And a woman had a seizure in the middle of the film, but I'm pretty sure that was unrelated to what was going on up on the screen.
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