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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. One of the best deaths, so dark...
  2. I've accepted the fact that the "Nightmare..." franchise just doesn't gel with me, but that whole era - The Domination of the Slashers - is so fun to look back on. The impact on pop culture ended up being immense and all encompasing. Freddy had a hotline that kids could call to be told a creepy bedtime story for goodness sake!

    Can you imagine something like that nowadays with our Helen Lovejoy generation? And then there was this:
  3. I watched Viral on Netflix last night and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to.

    It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it's a solid creature feature with an affecting central performance from Sofia Black-D'Elia, and support from ANTM's Annaleigh Tipton.

    The noise the parasite makes as it hunts out fresh hosts was supremely unsettling.

    It fudges the ending a touch, but you could do a lot worse.
  4. Of the three main franchises, it and Halloween compete for second place to the J-Man (duh!), but both had better continuity for most of their respective runs.
  5. 100% agreed. That movie is a bore-fest with no payoff.
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  6. Just saw 'The Wailing' after I read about it on this board.

    Quite a slow-burner, but one that's worth it. Loved the little moments of humour, especially about the incompetency of the police men. Right until the end the movie keeps you guessing who/what happened and the 156 minutes didn't hurt my bum.
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  7. Tuesday Knights Twitter is fucking tragic. It is mostly her messaging big stars she worked on the same project with 20 years ago and random productions begging for jobs.

    Have some dignity Tuesday.

    The 4th movie is my favourite and I'm happy they killed the survivors upfront as I hated them all in the 3rd (Loved Patricia Arquettes Kirsten tho). Lisa Wilcox Alice is great, Dan is fucking hot, it's campy, it's fun, great characters and kills. It's top 3 material.
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  8. Alice is one of my least favourite final girls ever. She's a lot better in The Dream Child (which is otherwise a far worse movie). They overdid the homely-girl-turns-kick-ass thing. Dorky Sheila would've been better. In fact all the other girls were preferable.
  9. Alice seems lovely in real life but I agree, her friends were better suited to be the final girl. Her romantic interest was indeed handsome, if I recall. Dream Warriors is great because of the roots to the original film, but everything in the next three films was made-for-TV levels of tragic. I mean, the girl eating herself to death?? The comic book thing?! I already dragged it, but the Kung Fu... just a whole other level of garbage.

    Give me the wash, rinse, repeat of the F13 films any day.

    Halloween is fine if you ignore the truly tragic sixth film. Part 5 is a bit dull, and Part 3 is jarring plot-wise (though has some real atmosphere), but part two, four, and H20 are seriously great slashers. Resurrection is trashed by many, but I enjoy it as a trashy little flick.

    The TCM franchise is much sloppier. Two is honestly so bizarre, but I somehow enjoy it. I haven't seen it in nearly 10 years but I recall Leatherface: Part 3 or whatever being quite great. I (controversially) LOVE the 2003 remake, and similarly enjoyed the following prequel. Texas Chainsaw 3D was a lot less enjoyable, and maybe it was slasher drought, but I got a kick (up until: "Get 'em cuz") out of it.
  10. It's her performance in 5 that I love, she's okay in 4.
  11. Halloween 5 has all the makings of a great slasher in that middle 25 minutes it spends at that old farms Halloween party/barn/fields... The rest isn't good, and Poor Rachel!!!
  12. It's filmed so fucking weird, like the actual quality of the film used is like a very well shot TV Movie. That Rachel scene crushed but even more that they ruined her fucking death on the back of the description box and as someone who had never seen 5 but watched 4 about 20 times I was raging it was given away.
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  13. Uno


    I just watched Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse; it was really hilarious and I jumped maybe once or twice. The third act was kind of sloppy, but it's still a fun watch.
  14. @Hudweiser Big three ranking for me would be "Halloween" > "Friday..." >>> "Nightmare...", but if we're talking 70s-10s, "Scream" takes my top spot (duh).
    This seems to be the general opinion amongst "Halloween" fans, but I have to say, 5 is far worse than 6. I mean, don't get me wrong, 6 isn't good but it has some novelty factor being the last big slasher before "Scream" was released and kicked the genre up the ass, it has a rather unique mid-90s 'grunge' vibe (Theatrical Cut only, which I preferred to the supposedly superior Producer's Cut), it stars a young Paul Rudd (hello, eye candy!), Michael was uber-brutal, they actually managed to create quite a menacing and dark Halloween-y atmosphere... Sure, it took the series' plot into messy, convoluted, downright silly territory but it has elements of decency that add up to 'watchable.'

    5 was blatantly rushed - all the more apparent coming after a surprisingly strong sequel, Danielle Lloyd was wasted by being mute for most of it, the Myers house suddenly turned into a gothic mansion, Tina is one of the most annoying characters in the history of cinema, Rachel was unceramoniously killed off... To me, 5 is like one of those ten-a-penny 80s slashers some rando production company pooped out to cash in on the fad. So lacklustre and slapdash. 5 and "Resurrection" are the red headed step-twins of the family.
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  15. Yes to all of this. 6 > 5.
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    Nightmare > Friday > Halloween for me.
  17. Oh my days just sat through The Conjuring 2

    Nightmares tonight!!!
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  18. I like Halloween 5.... I actually only dislike Resurrection (after the opening sequence) and 3 (the whole film) though.
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  19. BTG


    Halloween > Friday > Nightmare

    But ironically find a couple of the Nightmare movies more rewatchable individually outside of the series whereas when I watch a Friday, I generally want to watch the full series in order so ultimately I've watched them all less.

    In terms of the Halloween sequels, 4 is as good a sequel as you'll find to a classic horror and achieves that rare feat of creating a child character and having them not be utterly, utterly annoying. I find it has only improved with age too. Danielle Harris is fucking amazing in her two films.

    I find I'm always drawn to watching 6 over 5 despite its many faults. Maybe I just find its troubled production history fascinating along with the absolutely horrendous butchering of whatever messed up script they did eventually shoot. Or maybe the absolute nonsense that is its plot. But it's hard to deny that, despite how technically horrible it is as a complete film, it's much pacier than 5. And as said above, it's a fascinating time capsule for pre-Scream horror. In a way I'd love to have seen a few more slashers that have 6's 90s grunge inspired tone before Scream arrived and changed the game.
  20. Season Of The Witch isn't a true "Halloween" film true... but it's a great nasty little horror. The score, the masks, the rhyme, Stonehenge... I love it!
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