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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Why do I just wanna watch Argento's Demons on a loop like every day of my life until I die.
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  2. Me but with Deep Red instead.
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  3. Raw is now my favourite menstrual horror ever, what a film!
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  4. A friend and I have completed a second draft of our slasher movie screenplay.

    If anyone here is interested in reading it and giving us some feedback/critique, please drop me a PM.

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  5. The Void was alright.I liked the setting and atmosphere but the dialogues were a bit simple,especially main character's lines bordered on cheesy.Thus i really did not care for who survived and what happened to them.
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  6. I thought the doctor being the main baddie was a bit random, too. Also kind of had a "we made this shit up as we went along!!" feel.
  7. Yep this too.What was the deal with the two guys that seemed to know what is going on.Especially the house scene was so random.
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  8. There was some great imagery and good budget effects, but they squandered the unsettling cult members and the intriguing opening scene for a bunch of hot mess randomness after that. I thought the young/new nurse character was the most "real" but they bordered on making her annoying and unlikable. I thought Event Horizon and Hellraiser 2 pulled off some of the story elements much much more effectively.
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  9. Finally got round to watching The Conjuring 2 and I was left really disappointed. The first is one of my favourite horrors ever and had me hooting, hollering and hiding in the cinema. The second... oh dear. So much style over substance. It looked a treat, but all of the entities were borderline laughable. Bill's voice through the little girl started really grating on me. Bill himself was just... lame. The Nun felt more shoehorned in than Annabelle and that ending was just so rushed. All that shouting and screaming and then... finished.

    Things I loved about the first film - lean script, clever jump scares (hide and clap anyone?), genuinely scary visuals (woman on the closet) and uncomfortable atmosphere (the whole 'she's behind you' scene). They really let it all go apart from the visuals for the sequel which is a shame.

    Also sidenote, the most scary thing about the film had to be Frances O'Connor's cockney accent.

  10. I'll be reading that second draft over the bank holiday weekend hen.
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  11. My 11-year-old nephew was begging for his mother to let me take him to see Annabelle 2 but she informed me after seeing the trailer for IT he spent the night in their bed!!

    I watched Elm Street 2 this weekend, it's better every time, which is a really odd outcome for a 32 year old film that I used to loathe. Freddy is legit scary in a couple of scenes - that horrible smile he cracks when he stands up in Grady's room.
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  12. Cute. I'll be honest, although I've been watching horror flicks since I was 9 years old, I'm not sure if I could've handled them in the cinema. It's a bit... safer on VHS in your own living room in broad daylight, especially at that age. Of course, looking back, I now think of how glorious it would've been seeing "Scream" 1 - 3, "I Know..." 1 & 2, "Urban Legend", "The Ring", et al. on the big screen.
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  13. "I Know" 1 on the big screen was legendary, a chance to pay tribute to my queens Sarah Michelle and Jennifer Love.
    "I Know" 2 was a chance to be confused when scenes in the trailer didn't make the cut actually screened and you realise this is going to suck compared to what you thought it would. Still, Jennifer & Brandi in their beachwear livened my day.
  14. I was doing my film degree 1997-2000 so all those big slasher movies came out during that period; I saw every single one on the big screen, some up to six times.

    The last movie we saw before graduation was Final Destination, which still feels like a 'recent' movie.
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  15. Has anyone watched We Are Still Here? Is it worth watching?
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  16. Yes I really enjoyed it, it deserves a higher rating on IMDb to be fair but then again horrors always get a tough time.
  17. Welp there's another one to add to the queue.
  18. Thanks. I PM'd you.
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  19. I just watched Jason Takes Manhattan for the first time.

    I quite liked it.
  20. Watched The Windmill Massacre last night. Obviously with a title like that I wasn't expecting a masterpiece but what a bucket of arse gravy
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