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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. The first hour of the original - up to the beach panic scene - is easily the best film ever made. The rest is solid, but just goes on a little too long with too few characters for me.
  2. The attack on the Kintner boy is horrific. The way you see it happen from the beach as the shark just lazily rolls the boy into the water is just... Nightmare-inducing. Plus that dolly zoom is perfectly used on Brody's reaction.
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  3. Is there any love for American werewolf in London? It was one of the first horror film I saw and it scared the shit out of me as a kid...
  4. My favourite Werewolf film ever. It seemed you were either 'American Werewolf' or 'The Howling' when I was younger (and still a bit these days too). I really like The Howling' but American Werewolf scared the crap out of me as a kid. I loved the comedy element too. Also the naked shots of David was exciting as a kid, before I came out.
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  5. The Howling had naked campfire sexy wolf times, and American Werewolf had make David Naughtin, it was win win for my early teen horror loving mind. I love them both, what I love even more is Howling 2's cheap ass recreation of the originals closing moments, what a scream of a shit film.

    And thinking about it, yep it's true,

    this scene is great, and also is the reason I've never been on a banana boat, and never will go on one.
  6. So Poltergeist has just been officially confirmed as being directed by Spielberg and not Hooper.
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  7. I am shooketh
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  8. Not strictly horror but Personal Shopper was soooooooooo good.
  9. I recently got the Blu Ray of 'The Howling 2', just for 'so bad, it's funny sake'. What even more interesting is on the special features in an interview with director, who says he was given no help by the studio (they sent him costumes from 'The Planet Of The Apes' series to use), that he just had a laugh with it, as they were not that interested. Knowing this, I can actually watch it all the way though and enjoy a director sticking it to the studio, more or less.

    That was very obvious, it looks nothing like a Tobe Hooper film, and filmed like E.T. I always considered it to be Spielberg. Even when Tobe Hooper did do a more child friendly film, 'Invaders From Mars', it still looked like a B-Film from the 50s (although I still quite like it for what it was).
  10. Also the warmth of the characters was so Speilberg, especially back then. It was what made a lot of his stand head and shoulders above other 70s/80s films. You can tell it was hard to imitate in sequels like (Jaws 2 & Poltergeist II : The Other Side), both directors try to recapture that but it doesn't quite work. Although I like Jaws 2 more than Poltergeist II, which I don't think has worn that well. I didn't mind it at the time but have seen it recently, and although it's much better than Poltergeist III, It did have much of the feel of the first one. Jaws 2 still had a bit more of feeling of the original.
  11. I love Poltergeist because of the Spielberg warmth - it was part of his golden period where everything he touched resonated off the screen. The remake of it from a year or two ago was so cold and clinical by comparison.
  12. Totally agree. One of the only things to recapture that in recent years was 'Stranger Things'. It is so 80s Spielberg, I loved it.
  13. The face scene in Polterguist had me literally screaming at the tv as a nipper, and the ending where the corpses spring out the partially empty pool. What a film.
  14. IFC really doesn't want me to get off the couch today. They played House on Haunted Hill (1999), Dawn of the Dead (remake), now House of Wax, and Jeepers Creepers after this. Ugh. What a fun marathon, though!
  15. House Of Wax is overlong trash, and it's more Tourist Trap than the Vincent Price original.
  16. I kind of love House of Wax.
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  17. It's trashy fun. Not exactly trying to be The Babdook.
  18. BTG


    I don't enjoy House of Wax despite the fact that I feel like I should love it and love literally every other glossy horror of that era.
  19. RIP George A. Romero.
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