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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I mentioned The Burning earlier on, it's got lots of sex and bit of violence in it, it's quite good though, if you want a laugh!
  2. I love Cronenberg - Videodrome rocks, and so does eXistenZ and A History of Violence. I don't know his other movies as well (only seen then once mostly), but they're all great. Dead Ringers is amazing.

    I have the interview book Cronenberg on Cronenberg and he's a fascinating guy as well. Did you know at various times he was offered to direct Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop and Total Recall?

    He's also very creepy as an actor in Clive Barker's Nightbreed, which is worth tracking down. (He was also the best ever guest star on Alias!)

    I'm going to go ahead and assume you mean the original Les Diaboliques, not the Sharon Stone remake!
  3. Cronenberg is a bit of a master of the craft alright - and I like how his movies are rarely ever just shock-fests, always have a bit of substance.

    The Fly is incredibly sad, for example.

    Sleepaway Camp scared the HELL out of me when I saw it, so I suppose it was doing its job but it wasn't scary in the fun way, just scary in the creepy way. If that makes any sense.
  4. I'd read the ending of Sleepaway Camp before I actually saw it, so it was taken away from slightly. But it's very good.

    The first two sequels each have their own charm as well, but the just released one with the original cast members was a bit shit - apart from the ending. Angela is one of my most favourite horror characters.
  5. Detective Sandy Vagina, solely by your name you reminded me of another horror film, a horror film that NO man should have to watch....

  6. Teeth is fucking amazing. That is all.
  7. I started watching My Little Eye and got a bit bored so started watching 90s pop videos on youtube instead. Not scary enough!
  8. I'm watching a DVD of old UK Public Information Films...

    Robot, type Lonely Water into youtube and check it out - talk about horror.
  9. It is - plus you get the added bonus of watching people squirm when they watch it, hilarious.

    THAT VERY SUBJECT in Teeth was partly the inspiration for the design of the Predator in the Predator movies, fact fans.
  10. No, oh my god, no. I got to the "I am the spirit" and had to turn it off. The voice is too scary!
  11. And the other was James Cameron sitting next to Stan Winston on a plane and saying:
    "You know, I've always wanted to see something with mandibles."

    Cameron, you've done it again!

    God, I want to watch both the Predator's now. But I'm not going to go upstairs and get the boxset at this time of night...
  12. Ha, I knew I'd suggest something scary to you at some point! (The voice is Donald Pleasence by the way)
  13. I've been meaning to watch my Predator boxset (well, box with both films) for ages. I bought them and then never watched them and actually forgot I owned them till the other week when my boyfriend was going through my DVDs. They're all the way over there though. Maybe over the weekend.
  14. Of course I do, I'm a film snob!

    Teeth wasn't really scary, just dark and quite funny. Still loved it, but it wasn't scary. A better man's horror, and it has been mentioned before, is Audition. What a corker of a finale.
  15. Not a horror as such but I watched Cry_Wolf yesterday, it's more of a teen drama/almost slasher type of film that's not really scary but has a nice plot with a good little twist at the end, kept me entertained and there was a bit of blood!
  16. I put this in another thread the other day, but the new Friday The 13th trailer saddens me. It appears to have taken everything away from the original (ie, Mrs Voorhees) and subsequent sequels to make Jason an already invulnerable killing machine who wears a hockey mask. I can't even begin to count all of the things that are wrong with that film just from seeing a two minute trailer. The sad thing is, as a sequel to Freddy vs. Jason it actually looks like it would have been good. Why they felt the need to re-write the history really is beyond me.

    And somebody's letting Rob Zombie make another Halloween film this year. It's not a good year for the classics.
  17. To be honest, I was never a fan of Friday 13th, I always thought it suffered from terrible acting and poor editing. Marcus Nispel's version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was surprising, in that it basically treated it as a sequel rather than a remake. Sure it was glossy, but it was also pretty suspenseful and scary. Nothing on the original, but as a standalone slasher, it's one of the best of the decade, so the fact that he's in charge of the Friday reboot, bodes well for it.
  18. Saw The Haunting today (the original, of course).

    Once again amazed by how much was done by just lights, soundeffects, tension. No a single drop of blood in the entire movie, yet more effective than 99% of the movies released in the last decade.

    And found myself with a serious crush on Claire Bloom...

    Time to dig up The Innocents again.
  19. Does anyone like comedy horror like "Braindead" and "Bad taste"?
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