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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I too am here for both of these films.... The use of Tiffany sold me on one, the cast and premise of the latter sold me on that. But as all us horror fans know, you can never judge a film by its trailer, or we'd have a lot more masterpieces out there.
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  2. Yay at those two new trailers, I'm definitely intrigued by both.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Love the cast and neon vibe.
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  5. If you get a chance to see John Carpenter in concert - go! It's so much fun. One of the most unique and enjoyable concerts I've attended. Everyone was mesmerized by the film clips and the master himself.
  6. The Strangers 2 trailer actually made me jump about two foot in the air. So yeah.
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  7. Yes, it does look very good. I did think this was another 'Cloverfield' spinoff by the trailer.
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  8. I really need to watch The Strangers again. I remember virtually nothing of it.

    A Quiet Place looks awesome.
  9. The Strangers 2 trailer looks so good. I can't wait to go see it.
  10. The third Cloverfield universe movie is due out in February but nothing has been revealed about it minus a small synopsis. Another delay might be on the cards.
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  11. I'm 35 minutes into Jeepers Creepers 3. What the fuck have they done?
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  12. I wouldn't mind a Cloverfield that actually follows on from the first one.
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  13. As @Terminus says I'd be happy to have some variation of the monster back. Not crazy about this whole "Twilight Zone" inspired shared universe thing they've got going on. I do so love the first one - a great example of when found footage works.

    The official site for "The Strangers" sequel has some interactive features where you give it bits of info (phone number, e-mail address, for example) and you can watch little snippets and get messages from The Strangers themselves. I thought official sites like this were going the way of the Dodo in favour of dull as dishwater social media based advertising. Whatever happened to downloadable screensavers and the like?!
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  14. I can't believe this is actually happening. After all this time!
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  15. Uno


    Just finished Creep 2 - was really good! Definitely improved the dialogue and laughs. I think he was more menacing in the first one but that’s probably because it was fresh and it was unsuspected. The lead actress was great but the ending was slightly predictable.

    The nudity was a surprise too!
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  16. So I just saw CREEP 2 - was that discussed here ever? I feel abit EH towards it. It did kinda dragged a little too.


    I was not ready for all that DICK.
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  17. I hated being so attracted to the psychopath. As in life.
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  18. Sis, you need help.
  19. I would still do Jared Leto in his Joker get-up. In character, if need be.
  20. So me.

    Finished Jeepers Creepers 3, and while I didn't hate it (4/10), it was a chaotic mess. Looks to me like Salva was tasked with reinvigorating the brand before they'd let him proceed with a 'proper' sequel, to see if there's still a market for it. But based on this... I wouldn't bet on seeing Trish take on The Creeper anytime soon.
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