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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I couldn't work out that supposed 'revelation' at the end of S2. I mean, I understood the basic essence of the character's lie - I mean, it was obvious from the outset - but the other stuff they mentioned made no sense. Watched it back twice and still couldn't work it out.
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  2. New 'Hellraiser', gives nothing away about the story :

  3. Hmm, looks cheap. It even stars an actor, Randy Wayne, who literally appears in lots of cheap sequels to popular films.
  4. The original was quite low budget, as are most of the sequels. This looks like for money spent on it than anything after 3.
  5. Yes low budget but used in the right way is the way I'd describe the first two. I would agree that it looks more expensive than most of the other sequels though.
  6. The 3rd one had a higher budget but was pretty crap. I am not expecting a blockbuster from this but it looks like quite a lot of cenobite action, which most of the sequels didn't have.
  7. Thank you @silkandskin and @Anjoel40 for the deets; I didn't realise it was gonna be a dual format release. I'm totally gonna buy it at some point, now.
    If you do, post some pics (wearing a sweater with giant hands on it and/or a yellow shirt)! Funnily enough after my annual X-Mas viewing I watched the bonus features which included a tour of sorority house as it was in 2002/2003 (I think) and the retrospective with the actors who played Clare and Chris, which showed some of the locations however many years later.

    Comedy/slasher "Tragedy Girls" shall be released DVD/Blu-ray/VOD on February 18th (finally).
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  8. Munger Road (2011) - teens stranded on back road, creepy goings on, killer on the loose, cops hunting him down. Film opts not to reveal who the real killer is, instead throws up a 'To be continued' - and has there been any sign of a sequel in the intervening 6 years? Get bent.
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  9. Horrible!! What was that recent found footage movie that had no ending and instead asked you to go to a WEBSITE at the end of it? Infuriating.
  10. I think you're talking about The Devil Inside. Bloody terrible film.
  11. Do you mean the part about them all being bait, etc? It was a little vague for me too, but from what I can gather Brian was using his innate understanding of what it means to be a psychopath to tell them they were all being used as pawns for Mick to try and lure the detective from Season 1 back? That he was the end game, and the characters in S2 were just fodder?
  12. But he died in Season 1 - which was a shame as he was soooo very hot. I dunno, think they screwed up their dialogue a little there.
  13. Well, Slenderman looks awful.
  14. I picked up Wish Upon and the British (!) remake (!!) of 1982 video nasty Unhinged (!!!) yesterday, but it looks baaad.

    Victor Crowley doesn't look great either.
  15. I got a free DVD of this as I have a friend who worked on the production, I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't very good. The only thing I liked was that I know the area where it was filmed. It looks like a bad 'fan made' remake.
  16. Oh nooooo. I'm quite fond of the original.
  17. That shot of Pinhead from the side showing they haven’t even bothered to put the pins on his whole head (or even finish it evenly) pretty much says all I need to know.
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  18. This is either going to be fantastically fun or amazingly awful.
  19. Uno


    I did not like the Hatchet series at all. I watched one of them because Harmony from Buffy was in it.

    That Hellraiser trailer looks god awful. Those sepia tones torture scenes especially. Looks like a rejected Saw script made into a Hellraiser one.
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