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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Oh my goodness, such a fantastic and chilling film! I read the book (The Turn Of The Screw) at school and then I revisited it recently and I honestly don't know how I got through it back then. I couldn't continue because I was too freaked out to sleep!
  2. The exploding sheep in Bad Taste is amazing.
  3. I like the finale where Derek is 'reborn' out of the aliens bum. Gross and funny. haha
  4. You can clearly see why he was given the job to direct LOTR from those movies. So much untapped potential. I¨m not sure if Peter ever managed to top the the exploding sheep though.

    Even if some of Meet The Feebles come close...
  5. I've not seen The Feebles. Is it worth watching?
  6. I still haven't read the book.... *memo to self - visit local library*

    I caught it on TV by accident years ago. Had no idea what it was and was completely blown away. Since then I've been trying to watch as many "old-school" horrors as possible. There's something about the black&white that makes chillers so much more evocative.

    I got two words for you.

    Muppet. Porn.
    Or should that be one word?
    There is also muppet snuff...
  7. Oh my.
  8. I didn't really dig Feebles, it was a couple of steps too far for me to enjoy. Then again, I was only about fourteen, I might give it another shot one day.

    I love earlier Jackson - I never understood why everything since and including Lord of the Rings is so bloated, (Giant Monkey Movie, I'm looking at you in particular) when he used to make tight little movies. The Frighteners and Heavenly Creatures are so great.

    I'm really hoping that he does a great job on The Lovely Bones. I also hope it isn't three hours long.
  9. Is it a film adaptation of the book by Alice Sebold? I read that a few years ago. T'was very sad.
  10. It's interesting.

    Definately worth watching for so many reasons but I can't say I enjoyed it. It's just really spiteful... too spiteful and I like spiteful. I mean I know it's supposed to be but there's that line between deliciously nasty and viciously nasty and I think Meet The Feebles crossed the line into the latter. I got the impression someone was in a really dark place when they made it.

    Though it seemed it was possibly a cathartic experience as Braindead was actually really quite sweet.
  11. Yeah, that's the one. He's got Saoirse Ronan from Atonement as Susie, Mark Wahlberg & Rachel Weisz as her mom and dad, and Stanley Tucci as the killer.

    It's got a huge cost though, and I'm worried he's over CGI'd Susie's heaven. Like buildings and things will be growing out of the ground and stuff. I'd much rather she turn around and they'd just be there. That's how I'd have done it.
  12. Feebles is a "mood" movie for me. If I'm in the right mindframe I laugh to death. Otherwise I find myself switching it off rather quickly.

    I didn't find LOTR (except Return) to be bloated. Then again I'm the guy who read the trilogy once every year for around 10 years or so... He managed to give justice to Tolkiens world and I loved pretty much every minute of it. King Kong though... *shudders* But it's almost redeemed by the scene with King Kong and Naomi ice-skating in New York.

    Ahhh.. Heavenly Creatures. How far you have come, Kate Winslet, and how great you were already then.
  13. A rather good cast. I'm looking forward to seeing Stanley Tucci especially.
  14. The Tucc is great, isn't he? Mark Wahlberg replaced Ryan Gosling, who either,

    A) Felt he was too young for the role or

    B) Had major disagreements with Jackson

    Michael Imperioli from the Sopranos' is the detective.
  15. That book rules.
  16. The Lovely Bones is fookin' brilliant, but, I'm sorry, I cannot imagine Wahlberg doing the Dad ANY justice. Ronan is wonderful in Atonement, and I have great faith in her really pulling off such an emotionally demanding part.

    I know what Sifr means about Susie's heaven aswell. I want simplicity - no fluffy clouds, no harps, no excess. Simple simple simple. The whole point was imprinting your own identity/ideas into your heaven in the book, non?

    Oh, and for those who love the book, try Lucky. Real story - so affecting.
  17. That's the rape one, right? Didn't her dad say something particularly nasty to her like "you must have let it happen" or the like? I'm not sure I could digest that one, especially if it's true.
  18. It is indeed the very same one. I do remember her Dad being quite the cock in the book (it's not really a repeat read sort of story) and that does seem to fit my memory. It is a hard read, but incredibly positive towards the end. I was at University when I read it, and for some reason it felt even more important then - due to the location of said attack, I imagine.
  19. I love What Lies Beneath. Its quite subtle horror but its great.
  20. Funny Games is on Film4 tonight (I posted about this movie somewhere but forget where, ditz moment), the new version, and it's properly creepy.

    Worth the watch.
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