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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. For me Scream 3 & 4 lack the edge and wit the first two movies had. Four was very disappointing to me. It added nothing new to the franchise. It was pretty generic and by the numbers. It's too bad the studio messed with the original ending. Jill killing Sidney and getting away with it would have been epic.
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  2. In retrospect, I'm not sure Wes would've been around long enough to complete two more, so it kinda stands as a nostalgia event, which is just fine with me. Kirby surviving was the only other thing I wanted from it. I really don't know what they'd planned for 5 and 6, perhaps during the shoot they'd already figured out it wouldn't work the same way, so planned it like this?
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  3. Yeah the studio meddling and changing the opening scene annoyed me. I wouldn't mind if Kevin Williamson was involved in writing one more sequel that truly was the ending but if Scream 4 is it then I can handle that too. I just would've liked Kirby's fate to be known and Dewey to die. I'm not sure they'd ever make another one without Wes.
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  4. Talking of 'Scream' wasn't the third Season of the TV Series Reboot to air? I though it was meant to be March but thus far nothing.
  5. Uno


    Dewey has been useless since day one. I liked him in the first two but he got super tiresome by the third.

    4 should've opened with him & Gale being attacked and him dying and maybe one of Sidney/Gale dying during the finale with Kirby taking the place as the main final girl for part 5 and thus opening up an entirely new generation.
  6. Killing off Dewey in the opening would have been amazing, though it sounds like Courtney wanted to be killed so she probably would have been the one to bite it.
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  7. If I remember correctly on the Scream 4 audio commentary Wes Craven and Hayden Panettiere both hint at the possibility of Kirby being alive. Which, I was happy to hear at the time because Kirby was the best thing about Scream 4.

    Dewey should have died in Scream 2 instead of Randy.
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  8. I'd say 1% chance of it ever coming back (other than as a -shudder- remake); the cast will all be too old by the time they got it off the ground. You only need to look at the NINE YEARS OF SILENCE from Camp Crystal Lake, where they don't even need any of the same actors to return.
  9. Not in the UK at least. You’re better off importing the US dvd, or the region free blu as it has a good transfer and a bunch of extras.

    Entertainment in Video did it dirty.
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  10. BTG


    The blu is great and has a good commentary track with the director. I Still Know was paid dust.
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  11. How you gonna say that when the How Do I Deal music video is RIGHT THERE.

    I 100% agree.
  12. BTG


    It's nothing compared to this "Took me four weeks to record from The Box because the CD couldn't be bought anywhere" masterpiece:

  13. This triggered me.

    Poor Jennifer Love Hewitt’s musical career though, the nasal pop queen we deserved but never got.
  14. I got "I Still Know..." on Blu-Ray, brand new and sealed on eBay for a bank breaking £1 at the end of last year. The first is more pricey - I believe it hasn't been officially released in the UK? - but I shan't bother with the DVD. The "I Know..." movies aren't exactly 'must see in HD!' flicks, but when the DVD releases were so lacklustre you're better off. On that note, the "Scream" movies are in dire need of a full scale re-release. The other three big names have gotten the fancy boxset-with-8-hour-long-documentaries-and-assorted-other-goodies treatment, after all. And with "Scream" there's only 4 movies, so less work to do!

    A new docu-horror series starting this Thursday on Channel 4, "True Horror", actually looks really good. The reconstructions of the events look like movies:
    I remember years ago in Religious Studies we watched one of those paranormal activity documentaries; completely freaked the shit out of the class. They can be very effective if they're done a certain way.
  15. Just back from seeing a quiet place .Never has a baby in a film given me so much anxiety
  16. Hereditary looks so fucking good.
  17. I’ve already bought tickets to go and see A Quiet Place, because of y’all hyping it up and I can’t fucking wait.
  18. I just had to post this:

  19. Uno


    Reading the leaked/unused Scream 2 script in full for the first time - I had originally only read the finale part of it. I kind of love it, even the "messy" ending with there being 4 killers.

    I love the reveal of there being two killers mid-way (Mickey's death) and they even gave a nod to Tatum's death and Dewey mourning it - something that they never did on film and always bothered me. Your sister is murdered and she's never mentioned by him again!? Bah!
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  20. She's coming...
    Trailer expected to drop soon-ish, apparently.
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