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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. These are the 2 that were most talked about, along with the one with the Witch.
  2. I'm sure they air the old Hammer stuff on the Horror channel sometimes. As a channel it's more 'miss' than 'hit' sadly, but you do get the odd obscurity here and there.

    New "Hereditary" trailer:

    I was surprised to see posters for this in Cineworld the other week. I figured it would be more of an 'arthouse cinema' release.
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  3. It looks so terrifying.
  4. I watched this last again after 15 years! I had forgotten how entertaining it is, very funny, but also quite creepy at times.


    For my final in the horror movie class, I am watching it and discussing the social and political context in which it was made. I'm also talking about its use of "the other" and the concept of abjection to its benefit.

    I found a really interesting article about the homo/hetero subtleties underpinning the whole thing. In a genre where the "final girl" is so often used, it's very thought-provoking that the entire film is so male driven.


  7. My mood ALL WEEK
  8. Fuck I really hope the powers that be whet appetites by re-releasing the 1978 Halloween in cinemas a few weeks before the new one

    Other horror films I’d like to see on the big screen In proper 70mm:

    - The Shining
    - Suspiria
    - In the Mouth of Madness
    - Wes Craven’s New Njghtmare
    - Dressed to Kill
    - Body of Evidence
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  9. Two of these are not like the others...
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  10. I see what you did there.

  11. I did love “the other” theory when I studied film.
  12. Because reshoots.
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  13. I'm watching A Dark Song and loving it so far.
  14. ‘Dead’ like any Jamie in the Halloween series!
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  15. I LOVED A Dark Song! A great slow-burn horror that reminded me of Ti West. It did a great job of showing, not just telling. Highly recommended.
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  16. Night Night Barb. RIP Margot Kidder.
  17. What a legend

    “No, Clare, it's the Mormon Tabernacle Choir making their annual obscene phone call”
  18. Aw that is sad news. Barb is one of my favourite horror film characters.
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  19. Oh nooooo I loved her. Always my choice Lois Lane, plus Barb, Amityville, and less amazingly the drama teacher in that crappy Clown at Midnight. RIP indeed.
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  20. And she was amazing in Brian De Palma's Sisters.
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