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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I had to Google that as I had no idea what it was.
  2. The student film vibes from that made me want to vomit.
  3. Really? It's basically every asshole on the internet's favorite word.
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  4. No being an asshole myself, it must have passed me by.
  5. This... hurt my eyes.
  6. Why did My Soul To Take get such a mauling from the critics, etc? I watched it the other day for the first time and loved it! It had classic Wes Craven elements (Scream kind of vibes) but also felt fresh.
  7. The end was a bit crappy and flaccid, but it definitely wasn't total shite. I can't remember it that well, but are the characters all assholes? I remember the final girl character being 'problematic'.
  8. I have watched 3 times, the first time was a head fuck as it seems quite inconsistent. I have enjoyed it more each time I watched but it is definitely flawed. It comes across like 'Cursed', a bit messy in places. If it was anybody else I wouldn't have watched again but because it was Craven and I love his work, I re-watched. I don't think Carpenters latter films are that special either and I am a huge fan.
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  9. A big reason why i love Wes Craven (RIP) is even his shitty films are still very entertaining. Shocker, Cursed, My Soul to Take are all hot messes but very fun hot messes. I still wish we could get the footage from the original Cursed shoot.

  10. Poor Cursed. Guess it was actually cursed.
  11. Watched Angel Heart for the first time last night. Definitely deserving of its cult status.
  12. Great casting, looks-wise, anyway. Sterling K Brown needs to be in all the movies, to be honest.
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  13. Uno


    I unironically like Cursed.

    I think it could've been a lot bigger of a film, especially since it was marketed as a film that will reinvent the werewolf genre (similar to Scream reinventing slasher) but I don't hate the result. I think the PG13 rating hurt more than anything.

    Would've been great to see Heather Langenkamp again, though.
  14. Yeah, I find "Cursed" watchable too. You can very easily tell it was fucked over editing-wise as the end result is rather rushed and messy (in the genuine, not overused sense of the word), but considering the troubled production it could've been worse. It kind of comes across as, like, a decently made straight-to-DVD movie with famous actors. It does have a kind of "Scream-but-with-werewolves" vibe to it. Judy Greer (love her) wrote about the movie in her book, which gives you an idea of what an ordeal it must've been:
    "My Soul to Take" however... that was just an actual mess of the incoherent variety. Dunno what the hell happened there.
  15. What's the story with it? Did it go through a crazy amount of re-shoots, I'm guessing?
  16. Uno


    90% of the movie was done and then Weinstein’s called and said they want EVERYTHING redone - the storyline, the werewolf design, the final act, etc. The movie was basically finished then went through a long period where everything needed to be redone. Not every actor stayed for the reshoots and had to leave filming completely (including Skeet Ulrich and Heather Langenkamp).

    It took almost 3yrs to finish because reshoots and constant changing of script.
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  17. Had it been a hit I'm sure some sort of double-disc release would've come along with Wes's original version.

    That said, there's quite a few films of that era that have never been given a better DVD release...
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  18. BTG


    I just rewatched The Craft and fuck, the 90s were amazing.
  19. I'm not sure what's changed - technically, films should be better now, but I think studio-interference is at an all-time high and box-ticking for max profit is stamping all over artistic direction. @Uno's description of the Cursed extravaganza is a prime example, you'd have thought they'd trust fucking WES CRAVEN and Kevin Williamson to turn in a good film after three Screams.

    I guess there's no column on the profit spreadsheet titled 'will people actually like it'.
  20. BTG


    Maybe a conversation for another thread but a large problem with the modern film industry right now is that there's almost no middle ground between an independent picture and the big AAA blockbusters - outside of the comedy genre.

    The idea of Sony releasing a $15 million budget horror movie about witches in 2018 is just laughable. It's not profitable enough.
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