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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I can't wait to see Hereditary. And A Quiet Place when it comes out on DVD.

    Has as anyone seen It Comes At Night? I'd heard great things about it but just couldn't get into it all. I found it incredibly tedious.
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  2. I’m watching Cronos for the first time... it’s wonderfully demented; quite hilarious, and looks so good.
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  3. Uno


    TBH, the only true gore I remember was a scene of a decapitated head that lasts for a good 10 seconds. I was surprised they showed it for so long, but otherwise I don’t think it’s very bloody at all. There is no scene that’s over gratuitous to the point where you want to turn away besides maybe that one.

    Edit: Okay I lied, there was one part during the end that was kinda intense for 4-ish seconds but it’s not a gory film by any means. You will enjoy it.
  4. Pssst @Uno Honey, it’s not out in the UK yet...
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  5. I really really want to see Hereditary but, from what people have been saying, I don’t know if I feel comfortable with putting my boyfriend through it.

    He hides behind the pillow for the tiniest bit of tension in run-of-the-mill horrors and sleeps with a night light on when I’m not at home!
  6. The sadist in me enjoys putting those types of people through horror films the most...
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  7. Thank you for the link. It’s definitely made me understand more where they’re coming from with her character in this one.

    I really have the urge to watch this trailer every moment I’m awake. It did that.
  8. I mentioned this one in the "favorite physical movie/TV releases" thread but it's a delightfully bizarre film. Entertaining from start-to-finish.
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  9. Hereditary is fantastic, whew. Toni Collette's performance was incredible.
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  10. Hereditary is instantly iconic, so many memorable scenes. It's so much better than the overrated White People Acknowledge Racism Exists For The First Time aka Get Out and A Quiet Place. Toni Collette is Oscar-worthy and Milly Shapiro is perfectly cast. My only complaint is that the ending is very predictable
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  11. Hausu is my iconic trash foreign fave. You can't say it wasn't made with imagination! The scene with the piano is truly something else.
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  12. TCM : The Next Generation is at last being released on Blu-Ray.
    This film is such a hot mess I love it, i can't wait to see it in HD!
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  13. I was disappointed at the time but in hindsight it's rather fun.
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  14. Is Halloween set in 2018 or are we going into the future a bit? Laurie looks way older than 57, which is also kinda young to be a grandma to a teenager.
  15. In the bloody disgusting interview Jamie mentions that Laurie is 58.

    Edit: later in the intervie she says she is 59, haha.
  16. Maybe I'm being dumb but how have people seen Hereditary already?

    Or was it via one of those Screen Unseen things?
  17. I think it was released in the US a week earlier than UK
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  18. Yeah, we got Jurassic World first instead.

    Remember when US-UK release dates were like six, seven, eight months apart? Those were the depressing days!
  19. Yes, and then wait for the VHS to could hire was slow initially too. Everything seems to have a quick turnover these days, which is good as I get impatient.
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