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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. In the bloody disgusting interview Jamie mentions that Laurie is 58.

    Edit: later in the intervie she says she is 59, haha.
  2. Maybe I'm being dumb but how have people seen Hereditary already?

    Or was it via one of those Screen Unseen things?
  3. I think it was released in the US a week earlier than UK
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  4. Yeah, we got Jurassic World first instead.

    Remember when US-UK release dates were like six, seven, eight months apart? Those were the depressing days!
  5. Yes, and then wait for the VHS to could hire was slow initially too. Everything seems to have a quick turnover these days, which is good as I get impatient.
  6. That's when you had a LOT of pirate videos going on. People got pissed off having to wait for a movie to come out on video, 6 months after it had been released in the US.
  7. We also got pissed that a lot of the great horrors we wanted to see were banned in the UK. We had a video van that used to come around twice a week and have some fantastic horrors, they even had a secret section of the banned stuff.
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  8. I hate Victor Miller. He's pretty much ruined any future updates for the Friday the 13th game/franchise for a while.
  9. The book was great but this....looks a bit too BBC1 Sunday tea time drama

  10. Went to see Hereditary and now I'm scarred for life. It wasn't even that it was that scary, but it just felt so emotionally draining. Really loved it though.

    That whole sequence of the brother killing his sister and the camera refusing to cut away and just staying with him until you hear Toni scream was SO uncomfortable. Really, really well done but I was squirming throughout.
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  11. So I just rewatched Halloween H20 and I just cannot get over the fact that they just recycled Scream's score in multiple scenes, namely the part where Michael is chasing Laurie and co, it's the EXACT same music as Tatum's death scene in Scream 1.
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  12. BTG


    Yeah, it was a last minute change. The studio hated the original score and they didn't have time to hire someone to compose a whole new one so they improvised.
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  13. Interesting! I never looked into it, but I figured it was a rush job. Reminds me of how the studio didn't like Coil's score for the original Hellraiser but I actually liked what they ended up with
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  14. BTG


    Here's an article about it: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3417698/halloween-h20-soundtrack-scream/

    There's a comparison video at the very bottom of the article.
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  15. The original score was eventually released, in full. It's on iTunes and Amazon.

    @ohaimanabu the movie had a number of issues in the lead up to production, which JLC revealed during a panel discussion at a horror convention in 2012. No doubt the score situation was part of that.
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  16. OOOH, this is cool. I always love stuff like this and will probably give the OG score a listen.
  17. “Didn’t have time” - they released a movie titled “Halloween” in August.
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  18. I truly believe that had they ended Halloween with H20 and didn't give us Resurrection and the Rob Zombie reboots the new Halloween coming this year could easily have been a follow on and continuation of the series.

    I think it would sit better with me rather than erasing so much of the history of the series as they are doing. I mean, I'm excited and hoping for a great movie but I'm still disappointed...

    They could have done an epic movie with JLC and Danielle Harris and Laurie coming face to face with the daughter she kept hidden etc. and somehow try and tie up all the loose ends. It would have been a task but they could have done it.

    Josh Hartnett, as the son, along with his 'wife' Michelle Williams could have been cameos and been brutally killed at the start. Then Laurie has to seek out her daughter etc. then we could have had a final showdown with JLC and Danielle Harris finally killing Michael... Or something, ha.
  19. I have a hardcore Halloween friend who told me most of these things have been covered in comic books and stuff, by fans desperate to keep the whole thing intact.

    It stopped bothering me after H20 really - I was annoyed at their attitude at the time, especially as Steve Miner was like "what sequels?" having previously directed two Friday the 13th's which I imagine he'd be peeved about if someone stomped all over those and said they didn't count. Resurrection is a damn mess, but it's at least a fun slasher film on its own merits (sans Busta Rhymes, obvs). The Rob Zombie films can go to hell.
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  20. It's like Rob Zombie took everything that John Carpenter tried to do with the original and instead did the opposite.

    Minimal explanations? Gutted.
    Likable lead characters? Rotted.
    Atmosphere? GILA MONSTER.
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