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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Do you guys want Laurie to die eventually or should she just survive?

    I always wonder what fans think about that. I'm not a big Halloween fan but a Scream fan and I never wanted the Original Trio to die.
  2. This was the most crucial sin - turning Laurie from the nice girl down the block you could depend on, who'd be your lifelong friend, into a self-absorbed cow (especially in the second film), who doesn't even seem to care about the kids she's sitting, ruined it all.

    And the fucking crowbarring of his missus into it over and over... Get the telegram, Rob, she cannot act.
  3. The Diablo Cody-esque ""banter"" he tried to give everyone also put me off the characters. PJ Soles saying "totally" 18 times contains more charisma than most of Zombie's script.
  4. I always felt sorry for how they treated Danielle Harris, she even had to re-audition for Jamie in Halloween 6 and got it but they wouldn't pay her much despite the fact she had to emancipate herself from her family to get the role. When she asked for the pay to just cover the court payments she made to get back the role they basically said "your character is a scale character, you die in the first act, you're not getting anymore money".

    She was the best thing about the Rob Zombie films easily but it would've been nice to see her with Jamie Lee Curtis after all these years in the reimagined Halloween. Oh well.
  5. Weinsteinian greed striking again. Maybe it's a good thing, it was sad to see them kill Jamie off as it was.
  6. She also talked about the script changes and said "this isn't Halloween" referring to Michael getting Jamie pregnant & the death scene in the hospital bed. I forgot how much of a mess Halloween 6 was, I only remember the theatrical release.
  7. Yeah, that Producer's Cut was way oversold (I think the good sis @ChiquitaPlantain mentioned this recently?) - but it's the last film that really had a Halloweenie atmos going on. It was on the cable movie channels all the time in the mid-90s and is possibly the last 'proper' slasher film before Scream gave the genre a shot in the arm. Considering it's only three years before H20, the massive differences in the way slasher films were made is wider than the Grand Canyon. I might watch it later, actually, even if to just perv over Paul Rudd's unhinged facial expressions.
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  8. It was actually me that mentioned it recently. I tagged you in a post to get a little more tea on the "producer's cut." Thanks for the info here! I've always found the mess behind the scenes of 6 interesting, in a you-can't-look-away-because-it's-such-a-mess kind of way.
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  9. Ah, my bad.

    Marianne Kagen had a lot to say about it, I remember. The test screenings were all, in her words, "14-year-old boys who wanted more boobs and blood". She said it was a draining process from start to finish and the director had no interest in characterisation or suggestions from the cast and thought Donald Pleasence "was boring"!!!
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  10. BTG


    And there were so many versions of the script. At one point Jamie made it to Act 3 and died saving everyone. I think that's the script that Danielle auditioned for and then, well, the mess happened.
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  11. I highkey want to watch Hereditary again. It was just that good. It's not scary in the traditional sense.. but it's absolutely horrifying. I'd almost call it an emotional torture porn in a good way.
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  12. Watching Joy Ride / Roadkill this avo. Pretty solid post-Scream thriller, though Jeepers Creepers did the Duel thing better.
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  13. Jeepers Creepers first half is it’s best... Joyride could have been more, but is passable.
    Give me The Hitcher (original), Road Games and Duel for my road based horror-thrillers.
  14. I don't remember it having many death scenes, it did have it's two male co-stars get naked though.
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  15. I'm going to try the sequels (saw one of them but have entirely forgotten it) as they appear to have turned it into a little slasher series.

    Oh yes! That was a nice moment.
  16. That fact that the “alternative ending” for Joyride is actually an alternative 2/3rds of the whole film always got me.
  17. "Alternate" versions of movies, again, are interesting to me because of the "hype" and mystique around so-called "lost" versions. This seems to happen moreso in horror than other genres.

    I remember all of the hype around the "original" version of Exorcist: The Beginning. It was like this gilded calf of modern horror. And then they actually released the damn thing under a horrible title (Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist), which was a surprising move in itself, and it also ended up being total trash. Albeit slightly more interesting trash. I followed that whole debacle when it was going on and it's quite funny in retrospect.
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  18. @johnny_tsunami I only found out about those "Exorcist" movies recently and was honestly a little flabbergasted. I vaguely remember at least one of them back when they were released, but was totally unaware of the fact that they essentially gave an alternate cut of a movie that came out less than a year before a theatrical release. Hollywood sure does seem to enjoy pissing away money.
    I've read some of the comics (a few of them are actually rather good, including a stand alone mini-series entitled 'Nightdance') and the very first ones - a series of 3 one shots published in 2000 and 2001 - attempted to connect 4 - 6 to the "H20" continuity, and go beyond it. Lindsay, the little girl from the first movie, returns as an adult to work alongside Tommy to stop Michael once and for all. These comics were based on the pitch Daniel Farrand (who wrote the 6th movie, and these comics) submitted to the movie producers upon request for the follow up to "H20", which was ultimately rejected, then we eventually got "Resurrection." They essentially show you the 8th sequel that could've been.

    There were quite a few comics based on "F13" and "...Elm St." from way back in the day, like old skool late 80s/early 90s. Marvel (yes, that Marvel) published a couple of "...Elm St." ones. And of course, due to their enduring popularity there've been others on and off through the years since, but the really early ones are an interesting little artefacts.
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  19. Perhaps not very sophisticated but mark me pleasantly intrigued
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