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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Religious themed horror never fails to give me the major heebie jeebies, and The Nun was the standout from the lacklustre "Conjuring" sequel so I was already excited for this. The teaser, although brief, does not disappoint. Not even the lesser talented Farmiga sister is dampening my interest. Really liking the European period setting and visuals of the old monastery.

    Blood Disgusting posted a set visit report with some details of different sequences, including an underwater one. This quote's interesting:
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  2. Uno


    I wasn't too impressed by the trailer. The jump scare was effective, but that's all it was - a cheap jump scare.

    It's a shame they're tainting the incredible Conjuring films with these should've-been-direct-to-DVD spin-offs.
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  3. The Annabelle prequel was pretty solid, actually.
  4. Can someone explain to me, why Michael followed Laurie in the original Halloween?
    Since it wasn't established that they were related, I don't remember why he was going after her?
  5. Perhaps I'm completely misremembering this, but I think there was no actual motive, which is what made it so horrifying.
  6. He literally just drove past her and her friends in the street, and went from there...
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  7. Oh that's right!
    When her friend yelled at him and he slammed on the brakes!
  8. Yeah, there was no real motive of "The Shape." It ties back to the teacher's lesson on "fate" catching up to a protagonist earlier on in the movie. Laurie and her friends were doomed and there was no sense or reason to it. Part of the ambiguity and horror that everything which followed the original film failed to remember.
  9. I'd love for them to explore this in a little more depth in the 2018 film. The fact that the repercussions of one night have not only completely altered Laurie's psyche, but profoundly impacted the two generations that followed her as well. The idea of fate coming full circle - that he was always going to come back - could make for a really nice through-line in and around the plot proper.
  10. Also didn’t he first see Laurie when she came to his house to drop the key off? He watched her through the door. She was pretty much a target from then.
  11. Well the jump scare def. worked with me in the Nun trailer.

    I liked the second Annabelle movie and really love the Conjuring movies so I'm hopeful.
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  12. I’m going to see Hereditary tonight and I CAN’T WAIT
  13. Yes, I think right place, wrong time.
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  15. Hereditary. 10/10. Toni Collette was astonishing and the climax sequences were chilling, in a Rosemary's Baby/Wicker Man way.
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  16. At least this offers some explanation of the constant delays and non-starts. Not great, but at least it's not wholly down to incompetence. Strange though how the franchise as a whole is still active; there's the video game, and the recent mobile one "Killer Puzzle" (which is genuinely fab, by the way). And then there was the dreadful sounding TV show that almost got to pilot stage before The CW passed on it. I guess non-movie licensing is a different kettle of fish.

    "Unfriended" sequel, "Dark Web" trailer:
    I was very surprised to find I enjoyed the first one, as I was expecting it to be totally shitty so I'm keeping an open mind for this one. Different story, same style. This time I'll remember to watch it on my laptop, though, for the full 'experience.'
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  17. I’ve just started watching Rob Zombie’s Halloween. I’ve seen his sequel and only bits of this one, and obviously am not expecting much based on reputation.
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  18. Me after watching Hereditary
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  19. My only gripe was that they made Michael too sadistic and over the top.
    He's just that calmly stalking you-always catches up- can't out smart killer.
  20. I absolutely hate Rob Zombie's Halloween.
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