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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. My other half doesn't like horror films. It's quite annoying because I don't like staying up alone to watch them!
  2. Same for me, I've collected for about 15 years so he looks upon the DVD shelf and his expression collapses into disapproval. He's a Buddhist too.
  3. Saw Eden Lake last night. Thought it was going to be shit.

    FUCKING HELL it was terrifying!
  4. It's great isn't it? The only gripe I had about it was when the woman (Jenny?) Bluetoothed the phone. Why didn't she run, for the love of God?!?!
  5. It's probably one of the best horrors I've ever seen.

    I reaaally want to see Friday 13th now. I managed to track down "Wizard of Gore" so I'm watching tonight. With a sick bag.
  6. I have brought it but no watched it yet.

    Instead I have had a rather odd day watching Horror movies, which actually started last night at 11ish.

    The Orphanage, The Mist, Hellbound, Night Of The Demons 1 & 2, Hills Have eyes 2005 & Satan which was er odd.....

    I want to see the new Friday the 13th but I know it will be shit & ruin the amazingness of the original. But to be fair 1 & 2 were the only really good one's & they got worse as they went on.

    Wish they would stop with the remakes already. Child's Play, Hellraiser, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th.....what next Alien?
  7. Don't. Even. Joke. About. It.

    Thankfully, I think they're too busy churning out increasingly shit Alien vs. Predator films (does the world really need a third?!) to 're-imagine' Alien.

    I do, however, fear for the safety of Jaws.
  8. Oh good lord....imagine the CGI shark.....*shudders*
  9. I don't even want to.
  10. Please don't say that!! Some idiot Hollywood big wig may read this & think it an amazing idea.

    The day they remake Alien is a day I may have to murder somebody. AVP2 was the worst (well one of) movie I have ever sat through. I really hope they do not to a 3rd one, but rather a 5th Alien with the Weaver. I quite liked 4, although I think I am alone on this one.

    Hellraiser reboot as they are now calling it still has gone nowhere 3 years after they announced it, so fingers crossed they have decided to abandon this pointless "reboot" as to me, Hellraiser is the best horror movie franchise of the lot with only Inferno being the shit one.
  11. Sadly, Alien 5 will never happen with Sigourney Weaver.

    At one point they were in talks to do one produced by Ridley Scott and directed by James Cameron, and then Alien vs. Predator came about and Sigourney Weaver commented about how terrible it was and how she'd never make a fifth film if this is the direction they wanted to go, etc.

    I think the third one is already filming.

    Jaws will happen unfortunately. It really is only a matter of time. The only positive thing that could possibly come out of a Jaws remake would be that, provided it is successful, the Meg film might finally make it out of development hell.
  12. Suicide Circle is worth watching for the first 10 minutes alone.
  13. There was talk very recently that she was interested in doing another movie with Ripley in it but hinted that it may not even have the Alien at ALL, and be in a completely different style, while still being a thriller. Scott is apparently very keen - it could be a brilliant re-invention if done right, like Casino Royale etc.

    The concept art alone makes Meg look bloody brilliant. "Meg" doesn't exactly scream Big Insane Shark Movie though, even though it's short for Megalodon or something.
  14. The thing with Meg is that it would have to be done JUST right, which is probably why it's taking them so long to try and adapt it. The books are fabulous though.

    I hadn't heard that about the Alien films. I suppose she was saying she'd not do another many years ago now, and she's not really been in anything that's set the box office alight of late (apart from lending her voice to Wall-E).
  15. It would need big, big money thrown at it and it seems studios are wary of huge investments on unknown franchises at the moment for fear they won't make it back. Which is a great shame - some great movies flop and lose their chance to get a sequel.

    I'm talking about Speed Racer here (many people hate it but I couldn't get enough)
  16. The frustrating thing is, they were all geared up and ready to go with it. The director gave in a budget (which was big money) and the studio said they'd only make it if it cost less than $100million, which is still a big risk for a franchise about an eighty foot pre-historic shark. I still wait with baited breath for the film (and fourth book).

    To bring us back on topic, I do love shark horror films, and general "oh my god a giant animal that shouldn't be ginat at all" horrors.
  17. Someone has to make a modern horror about giant ants, prompt.

    In a not-smooth-at-all segway, I'm hugely excited for Drag Me To Hell. Everything about it just screams potential brilliance - a straightforward horror directed by Sam Raimi....


  18. Seek out an old Italian-American flick called 'The Last Shark' (or L'Ultimo Squalo I think), it was made in 1980 and shut down after Spielberg sued for plagiarism. It's almost identical to Jaws (and Jaws 2). Big styrofoam shark eats people, town has a regatta, mayor doesn't care, old seadog tries to kill shark... Shark eats helicopter too.

    It's actually an okay film, fairly mid-budget with some good attack scenes and use of live shark footage. Alas, it's never been released ligitimately, but you'll get one of Ebay.com from America if you have a multi region DVD or NTSC compatible video recorder. It's still better than the Shark Attack trilogy, Shark Zone, Shark in Venice et al.
  19. It's an oldie but one film that genuinely scared the living crap out of me was Don't Look Now
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