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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I still call it H2O instead of H 20.
  2. Wasn’t the tag line for H20 “Blood is thicker than water”?
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  3. Same, basically...
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  4. Yeah that was stupid. Halloween Water.
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  5. Directed by Madonna collaborator Mary Lambert. I also love it.
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  6. It's one of the few that has aged well, especially when it comes to Stephen King adaptations.
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  7. Am I too late for the King/Pet Sematary discussion?
    It took me a couple of months (I only read on my commute), but I finally finished The Stand recently. I felt the ending was a bit rushed, but then King’s never good at endings. Overall, it’s definitely in my Top 5 King books.

    I’m looking forward to Pet Sematary. One of my fave books and the trailer didn’t look that bad to me. I always go into King adaptations with low expectations, anyway. Only Darabont really seems to click with the material.
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  8. I watched Halloween: Resurrection yesterday. I'd forgotten how bad it is. "Trick or treat, motherf*%ker!"
  9. It's seriously laughable in how bad it is. Yet, I live.
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  10. I couldn't make it through Halloween Resurrection. Why would I want to watch a movie after Queen Jamie Lee Curtis exits the film after 20 minutes?
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  11. It's interesting, because I've always connected the two... but it could also just be them giving a nod to previous sequels. Who knows really... there's a lot of bizarre things about H20 (though I still do love the movie), I think that it's even been said Michael is wearing the Halloween 6 mask in the beginning.
  12. BTG


    I don’t think the cut scene in H20 had Laurie finding out Jamie had died, but just being reminded of the fact.

    I think Kevin Williamson really did the most to try and link it up, and in some ways I think it’s a shame he didn’t. Considering they threw the new continuity out a film later anyway.
  13. There was no way to link ‘H20’ Laurie with the other movies without making Laurie seem like a monster.

    Abandoning her daughter (but keeping her son) letting her child think she’s dead, leaving her in the same town Michael attacked her and not coming for her after the events of ‘4’ (which would have made headline news) you just couldn’t root for Laurie if all that was canon.
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  14. The only way they could've done it would be to say Laurie was in a coma for 10 years or was taken against her will or something, but they were through with the ridiculous plot contrivances - but then look what happened in Resurrection.
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  15. Pet Sematary (the novel) is a fantastic achievement, full of chills but also tons of emotion. The description of Louis’ journey into the woods at night had me turning on more and more lights in the house, it is a supremely creepy piece of prose.

    It’s ripe for another movie incarnation but honestly that trailer - why do studios think having kids walking around with masks on is scary? Messed up Gage is scary yes but not a kiddies drum troupe straight from a Seventh Tree video
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  16. Uno


    I just started watching Fear The Walking Dead and I already love it. Already way better than the actual Walking Dead series, for me.

  17. I love ‘Build’ interviews.
  18. Yes, but how can you forget ‘H20’? It’s fucking great.
  19. Yes, it get's better but I have only seen up to season 3 so far. Walking Dead seemed to have lost it's way recently.
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  20. Twas indeed. I highly doubt this was intentional, but there is science (!) behind the title: H2O - water - has a pH balance of 7.0. "H20" is the seventh film, overall. And there are 7 victims, total.

    @GreeneRising This is allegedly the missing scene that was in one of the script drafts that attempted to include 4 - 6, which I assume is the one you referred to? I've never actually read the full thing, just the treatment Kevin Williamson wrote. Now's the perfect season to actually do that, I guess.

    Feast your eyes on these gorgeous pieces. Loving the symbolism:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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