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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. The House That Jack Built is horrendously unsettling - moreso than any straight-up horror I’ve watched this year. Lars knows how to bring the vulgarity.
  2. The Nun was exactly what I thought it would be: Gorgeous yet lame. How blatantly the end stole from Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight (a MUCH better movie)....shameless.
  3. Did my Christmas wrapping to the serenade of Elm Street 2 yesterday. It never fails to entertain with all the not-so-subtle homoeroticism, especially Nancy's diary that literally comes out of the closet.
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  4. I knew The Nun would be shit. Shame as she was the only truly scary bit of The Conjuring 2.
  5. Shame on you for not tagging @BTG in this post. She is our resident Li'l Jesse.
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    Me every time someone mentions Elm Street 2 and I have an excuse to post about it.

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  7. Bizarrely I watched the first three in reverse order over the last week and Never Sleep Again.

    I really wish they'd hurry up and make another.
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    Honestly, Elm Street 2 is iconic. Freddy is at his darkest, before he became an all-out comedy queen in 3. The concept is fresh and different, even if messing with the rules was unnecessary so early on in the franchise life. Meryl Streep has a ball and Jesse truly is that bitch.

    Ugh. Their minds.
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  9. Freddy was still creepy in 3, though "Welcome to Primetime!" was probably the moment he went from being frightening to merely annoying.

    I watched the 2010 remake today while working at home. I don't hate it at all, it's just... there.
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  10. Has anyone seen Sandy Bullock's 'Bird Box' on Netflix? I regret not checking out the book prior to watching the movie. I loved it!
  11. Elm Street 2 is such a unique film. There is NOTHING else quite like it. To go back in time and be a fly on the wall during pre-filming and filming.

    "So, Mark, have you played Probe before?"

    "So, Mark, we want you to learn some choreography..."

    "So, Mark, your character is going to visit this bar..."
  12. BTG


    “So Mark, you’re going to get tackled on the field and show your jock strap...”

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  13. Imagine if Mark was hot. I would really have stanned sooner!
  14. Started The Haunting of Hill House last night - loooooved it. I adore it when non-main characters give awesome performances, as per the lady with whom the big brother went to stay to investigate her haunting.
  15. I've seen porn more subtle than that.
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  16. It’s the 90’s and I was a kid staying up till 1am to watch Nightmare 2 on TV. However Instead of being scared I was unexpectedly turned on. What a confusing time.
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  17. The free to download game September, 1999 is a stunning little gem that I never knew I needed. The lo fi VHS quality only adds to the fear factor. It’s a great way to spend five and a half minutes. Oh, and it’s actually scary.

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  18. Has anyone seen the new full length documentary on the Urban Legend 2 disc collectors edition blu-Ray from Scream Factory? And is it any good?

    Also, can’t wait to get my hands on the new Valentine Blu! It’s about damn time.
  19. The book is a completely different scary beast. I would recommend it. They made the movie a bit too sci fi/ post apocalyptic for my taste. The book is genuinely creepy.
  20. The Sandy movie was just okay. More of a thriller. I'm now curious to check out the book if it is indeed creepy.

    Sandra's acting was really holding the whole thing together.
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