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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Speaking of books, the "Fear Street" revival is still ongoing:


    Due out February/March next year. And the planned movies are still in the works. Fingers crossed one'll be based on the Shadyside Cheerleaders. Cinematic Icons waiting to happen.
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  2. The art just doesn't compare and takes away from the nostalgia factor a bit for me. It looks more cartoony than the (somewhat hilariously) dramatique art of the past Fear Street books.
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  3. I did watch the special feature on this release and although Scream decided to break it up into what I think was 15 or 16 segments (as in, one ends and you get brought back to the menu to play the next one) it was really great to hear 90% of the cast talk about it, and hear all the little stories like the director only getting the job because when he was trying to get the directing gig for IKWYDLS he shot a full trailer based on the script using nobody-Australian actors. Even though he didn't land that job, they used a lot of his ideas in the actual film and was remembered when looking for a director for Urban Legend.
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  4. Wow I didn’t know that! I saw that most (if not all) of the core cast had new interviews on it as well.
    Im so excited to see it!
  5. Love my boyfriend but my God is he a difficult watching-partner for The Haunting of Hill House:

    "Is that Nell?"
    "No, it's Theo."
    -scene changes-
    "Is that Nell?"
    "No, it's all Theo this week."
    "So who's she?"
    "Still Theo, just a different time."
    -scene changes-
    "And her?"
    "That's Nell."
    "I thought Nell was dead?"
    "She is, this is a flashback."
    "So who's the other one?"
    "Shirley, the older sister. There are three sisters."
    "This show is stupid."
  6. This is the best thing ever. I would watch a show with you two interacting and ruining series for each other.
  7. He hates - HATES - shows that use a lot of flashbacks and don't unfold in a linear way. You should see us with How to Get Away with Murder.
  8. Poor dat if he ever has to watch Irreversible.
  9. I offered to watch Haunting on my own, as he's not big into horror, but he wanted to experience it, so here we are.

    Elsewhere, finished The Witch / VVitch yesterday. It was unsettling, but I wasn't bowled over and only really felt sorry for the lead girl, the dog, horse, and goats.
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  10. But the lead girl
    got to sell her soul to satan and fly naked around the woods. I consider that a victory!
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  11. What happened to the ridiculously annoying younger twin siblings? Did the goat eat them?
  12. It's not 'Party Of Five', you don't need to like them all.
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  13. Didn't think much of Bird Box. Actually the only interesting bit was when Tom had his arms out.

    My initial theory on the force was that it was death coming to claim souls, but then you saw Gary with emerald green eyes?? Meh
  14. Whisked off to be made into stew?

    I love The Witch, such atmosphere, such horror, such joy at the end for some reason.
  15. I thought 'Bird Box' was damn good. It's definitely one of the best Netflix movies I have seen. It's what 'The Happening' should have been. Sandra Bullock was her usual excellent self and the tension was great.

    I love the mystery, don't really need everything packaged neatly tied with a bow.
  16. I agree. I have to say I enjoyed this a lot more than Hereditary or A Quiet Place but I'm probably alone there.
  17. that movie was a CHOICE!
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  18. I like both of those too, along with 'The Killing Of A Scared Deer'. Films that stayed me a little while afterwards.
  19. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I liked Bird Box too. Wasn't perfect (I mean, imagine giving more screen-time to Machine Gun Kelly than Sarah Paulson), but it maintained a really nice sense of dread and unease. The glazed over eyes particularly made me uncomfortable.
  20. Imagine it as an X Files movie.
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