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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. There's a "Night of the Demons" documentary focusing on the franchise. They've been sharing a few deleted scenes or gorier takes from the second film recently.

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  2. “Be careful”

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  3. Looks promising, as I really enjoyed 'Get Out'. I hope the trailer didn't show too much though.
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  4. BTG


    I watched the remake of Black Christmas for the first time. Girls, what a mess.
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  5. But were you not entertained?

    It's a complete mess for sure. But a fun one.
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  6. Katie Cassidy, Queen of Shoddy Remakes.
  7. The US trailer looks creepy as hell. Watch it be something entirely different just like the Get Out trailer.
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  8. BTG


    I was, but I felt like I’d have been more entertained without the extended backstory and if Lacey Chabert and Michelle Trachtenberg weren’t the only ones I stanned.

    Leigh was that bitch though.
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  9. The remake is tragique but I stan. Katie and Ms. Lewton from Final Destination do their best despite making hideous decision after hideous decision. Mary Elizabeth does her best stuck up girl (who is supposed to be southern I believe?). Lacey and Michelle don't get enough screen time but add to the fun as I stan both. Andrea Martin returning? Iconic. The tanning bed girl from FD3 who has been in like 10 horror films outliving the bigger names? Surprising.

    I hate the backstory and cannibalism, neither of which were remotely necessary, but there are some great scenes. The sets are also really well done.
  10. I am getting from this, you 'stan' a lot.
  11. Someone expressing their over the top love for a horror film in a horror films thread?
  12. BTG


    I didn’t even mind the idea of exploring the backstory a bit more but I didn’t need the extended flashbacks, the cannibalism or the poorly applied yellow filter to Billy’s skin.

    The movie was at its best when all the girls were interacting but I think because there were so many of them, they started killing them off so quickly. And once they start realising they’re being killed, logic goes out the window.

    I mean, sis, there’s a killer outside so you decide that staying indoors is the better option rather than driving away?! Like the killer can’t just break a window. I did love how Andrea Martin was touched by Katie’s loyalty but also looks at her like she’s fucking mental.
  13. My first edition of it - picked up in Nepal, so likely not a legit one - had Lacey Chabert front and centre on the artwork, so I was shocked when she only turned out to have about 4 lines of dialogue.
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  14. Catching up with this thread!

    - The Us trailer looks really good.

    - I watched Bird Box recently and really preferred the book, especially the ending, definitely check it out if you haven’t read it, it’s not very long.

    - Assassination Nation is GREAT, one of my fave films this year, although not really a horror, just saw it was mentioned in here and wanted to sing its praises a biT. No real spoilers but the scene leading up to and ending with the girl standing in front of the American flag was just the best.
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  15. Haven't seen the Black Christmas remake but I wonder why they insist on giving characters like Billy and Michael Myers unnecessarily convoluted origin stories. Part of the horror is the ambiguity and mystery. They're evil. Period. No explanations or excuses needed.
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  16. It has been a real thing in recent years that new audiences need a backstory and I imagine it will continue. We seem to think nothing of binge watching a new series, where more time is given to the story, I think todays audience expect it from films too. I see so many comments about films which leave things open or unexplained, that it spoilt the film for viewers. If there is no explanation or conclusion some people completely write it off. It's a shame as I love the mystery, it stays with you longer. Wrapping it up too neatly can make it more forgettable.
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  17. Us looks amazing.

    Halloween 2018 comes out on digital tomorrow and i'm shook.

    Bird Box was solid.

    Speaking of remake queen Katie Cassidy. I actually enjoy the When a Stranger Calls remake god i'm trash
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  18. You're not alone, I really liked it too. I did feel they only made half the movie deliberately to make a follow up a few years later. Shame it hasn't happened, although it still could (wishful thinking on my part).
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  19. Hayden Panettiere was supposed to be the lead in the Never-happened sequel.
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  20. She would've made a good scream queen in an alternate universe where these flop sequels actually materialize i.e. Scream 5 and When A Stranger Calls 2.
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