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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I love the When a Stranger Calls remake, despite Camilla giving a quite wooden performance until the last 15 minutes.
  2. Uno


    I'd definitely like to see this artwork!
  3. Can they release the Bluray in the UK for When a Stranger Calls remake already!!!
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  4. Finally seen When A Stranger Calls Back (thanks to the incredible special edition Blu-ray) and it's definitely superior to the original, in every way. The opening was so intense!
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  5. Well with Scream Factory working their way through the late 90s, early 00s. I wouldn't be surprised to get it next year.
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    I watched Truth or Dare with Lucy Hale last night and didn't hate it nearly as much as I had thought I would, based off reviews. I had watched the "Unrated Director's Cut" so I'm not sure how much that strays from the theatrical version, but I think 14% on Rotten Tomatoes is a bit harsh.

    Not impressive in any way, but I was entertained. The Snapchat Filter smily faces were awful though, and that Teen Wolf actor can't act for shit. All he did was smolder and take his shirt off. But I didn't hate it!
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  7. I quite like Lucy and Tyler so need to give this a watch tonight (its On Demand I believe).
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  8. It's great in this day and age companies are beginning to invest for special features, deleted scenes, work prints and fan service when it comes to home releases. Companies like Arrow, Scream Factory make it Christmas for horror fans and cult classic fans. For years, the "Surgeon Scene" from Hellbound: Hellraiser II was always thought to be a myth only to be found on a cassette proving it had indeed been filmed when all those involved claimed it never was.

    A fan took the bare footage, added the score and did his best to make the most of it. The special FX didn't work/never completed but it gives the legendary shot of Female and Pinhead on the VHS backcover some justice.

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  9. It was similar to this, she had her hands on her hips all fierce like. Kinda similar to the Liberty X album.

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  10. I am cackling because I had something similar as my desktop background for a while! I was obsessed at the time.
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  11. I had a blast with Truth or Dare and I did see the director's cut. Fun trash and the rooftop scene was actually well done.

    Not horror but I watched A Simple Favor. It was campy fun but I couldn't really stand Anna's character. Blake was great though
    when she played her twin I was shook. I completely bought the twin as a separate character....give her the Oscar!
    Overall worth a watch.

    The Predator wasn't that bad for me. It felt like an updated 80's movie. Pretty fun.
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  12. Honestly that movie can teach many horror directors a thing or two. The sheer restraint and patience shown in the opening set piece as well as other scenes are a thing of beauty: simplicity really can be the scariest. And to think it’s a made for TV movie!
  13. I don't think it was a 'train wreck' but it was just what it was, without much to recommend.

    I have seen a couple of other films I missed this year recently. 'Strangers : Prey At Night'. I thought it was very good, not as much as the first but as far as sequels go this was pretty solid.
    I also saw 'Slender Man' which wasn't as horrendous as I was expecting, although it was nothing special. My main issue with it was the forest scenes which were beyond dark, couldn't see a damn thing. I don't know if they were going for more realistic but it just didn't help.
  14. A lot of the actual horror films around that time were not very good, we seemed to be in a slum. It wasn't until 'The Craft' and then 'Scream' came that things picked up again. Some of the TV movies from around that time were a better source for a decent thriller/horror.
  15. I loved When a Stranger Calls Back and am so jealous of those who can play that new release on Bluray!
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  16. So I’m watching Luther Series 1, for the first time; and there’s an episode with a taxi driver as a killer.
    Was there a horror or maybe even a thriller film where by someone is trapped in a cab and the killer uses like razors as the locks inside the doors so they can’t get out?
    Or am I making that up?
  17. This defiantly exists! I have vague memories of this but I can’t think of what it is.
  18. For some reason that reminded me of the opening scene of The Bone Collector.
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  19. That’s it!
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  20. OK so I watched the new episode of Into the Dark, that Hulu anthology series, "New Year, New You" and HENNNNYYYYYYS! THAT... is a classic. It's kinda cheesy and not totally original, but it's DEEELICIOUS! Not really scary in the least, but a real scream of a plot and the twists are iconic. Carly Chaikin gives a performance that is UNREAL.
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