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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. How unfortunate. "Hereditary" is excellent. Did it just not scare you? As a film, it was very very far from trash. Strong performances -- especially from Collette -- a great sense of creeping dread, great sound design and some really effective scare moments.

    Might not be the best horror film of all time (it's not) but it surely isn't garbage.

  2. No film can live up to that first five minutes... but they could at least have added in a scare or two to try.
  3. Uno


    I watched Escape Room last night. Not really a horror but it’s very much a PG13 Saw film, if you like that. I enjoyed it despite its messy ending. Great if you’re looking for some cheap thrills.
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  4. Hereditary was a beautiful movie with AMAZING acting, but people were acting like it was the most terrifying movie ever and, um, no, I just did not see that at all. But again, wonderful performances.
  5. I agree - the marketing positioned it as this new benchmark in terror and it certainly wasn't, as unsettling as the whole thing was.

    I know studios need to sell tickets and the promise of a movie being shit-your-pants-scary seems to be directly related to the massive numbers the genre's having again, but more often than not it means you walk away feeling slightly underwhelmed? It's hard not to get caught up in the hyperbole.
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  6. Come see the new moderately-frightening horror flick at your local cineplex now!
  7. What Hereditary’s marketing did do is hide most of the twists, which was novel and unusual for marketing people.
  8. I've said it before I don't think us horror fans (especially long term) are the best people to judge what the GP find scary. I know a few people, who are not horror aficionados but see them every now and again, especially the hyped ones, who thought it was damn scary. I am very desensitised to a lot of horror now, I never assume that if I don't find it's scary that it isn't.

    It did what a lot of horror's can rarely do to me, it stayed with me for a little while afterwards.
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  9. Seeing Hereditary on opening night, with no real grasp of what the plot is and only the warning of "it's fucked up," honestly was maybe not even enough warning for me.

    I've rarely been so intensely unnerved in a movie theatre as I was during Hereditary. I almost had to leave the theatre at one point just to collect my nerves, because there were moments I was on the verge of nauseous. Maybe that wouldn't have happened if I had seen it after all of the hype, but I'll say that without much of the hype, the movie did THAT to me.
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  10. I agree the performances in Hereditary were great but the hype was very overblown and I was really underwhelmed/disappointed when I walked out the cinema. I took my friend to see it (telling him how much hype the movie had) and he came away laughing and saying how crap it was.

    I think I've seen so many horrors now that nothing really scares me and this was just another movie that didn't really do it for me but I appreciate that others enjoyed it so I won't tear the film apart or slag it off I just personally didn't see what the fuss was all about.
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  11. There's a film every year that gets hyped as "the scariest since The Exorcist!" whether it's The Babadook, The Witch or Hereditary. It's always best to ignore the hype as it will inevitably lead to disappointment.
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  12. The VVitch and Hereditary are two of the best horrors I've seen the last decade. I think some people just like to purposefully go against the grain, especially if something is well-liked.
  13. I like The VVitch on a stylistic level - seriously, more contemporary horror films should be period-set, where's my jive-scored, bobbysox, 50s maltshop slasher movie? - but as a horror movie it didn't really get me, save for when

    the goat spoke. But even then I was like "it's a goat. Give it a handful of pellets from the petting zoo dispenser."

    I've yet to see Hereditary.
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  14. I agree but I do think these sort of these films divide audiences. Some will just not like it but I do think there is a certain amount that will watch with arms crossed, hard to impress and quick to pick fault.

    Personally I love to go along for the ride with these films. Go where they take me and don't assume I know how it all should play out. I do think that when these films deviate from what some of the audience want, it automatically get's dismissed.
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  15. "The Witch" has the advantage that it's the most historically accurate movie on people going mad and believing witches are behind everything.
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  16. It's the most historically accurate about how
    da devil is a goat and witches fly around in da woods.
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  17. Saw "Halloween (2018)" again for the first time since opening night and I didn't like it as much. It's one of the franchise's strongest offerings but a lot of it just doesn't make for repeated viewings. The entire final act with Laurie truly saves it. I could do without those podcasters and the psuedo Loomis.
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  18. Jumping on the Hereditary talk. I’ve never left the cinema feeling so shaken after seeing it. I was expecting it to be your typical horror film with your jump scares but the psychological horror just hit me and everything about it was outstanding.

    It will definitely be a defining horror film in years to come

    Just don’t make a bloody sequel/prequel.
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  19. ‘Halloween’,she’s a cute girl but ‘H20’ is still ‘Dat Bitch’ when it comes to the sequels!

    From the moment Laurie snatches the axe from its casing till the very end....

    Phew wig!
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