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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

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  2. Yeah, I just bought the region free Fright Night. So, of course, they announce a North American edition.
  3. Yes, we got the Steelbook Edition first, followed by the Standard Edition. I had previously bought an EU edition on Blu Ray.
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  4. Not technically a horror, but Upgrade is a total gem of a film.

    Body horror, musings on our relationship with tech, a KILLER score, and a fantastic central performance from renta-Tom Hardy, Logan Marshall-Green. Queen Betty Gabriel is great as a tough as nails cop, too.

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  5. Discussion about THAT line from Urban Legend on Twitter, so I just @'d Alicia Witt. Maybe she'll reveal how many takes it took.
  6. Logan Marshall Green is so fine. Even though he's named like a serial killer.
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  7. 'Night Eats The World' on Netflix was very good. Good Zombie movies are hard to come by these days but this was most enjoyable. It was a bit like 'I Am Legend' but with more charm. It's not hugely action packed but kept my interest the whole way though.
  8. The ghost/demons in Ouija: Origin Of Evil still shit me up.

    I can't believe he's 42 - it feels like yesterday he was a teen on The O.C.!!
  9. BTG


    So Scream Factory's release of Valentine will have deleted scenes including the extended death scenes. Apparently they could only be sourced from a rough print of the film so the quality won't be great, but it's amazing to finally see them.
  10. Ruthie’s blood forming a heart is exactly the kind of trash I need in my eyeballs.
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  11. I hope the extended ending is on there that makes Adam's guilt more evident. I witnessed a huge row over 'who the killer was' between two friends after seeing it.
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  12. I am thrilled they got Marley and Denise to sit down and chat!
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  13. I think I got Valentine shipped over on Region 1 DVD before it got released in the UK...
    It let me down, it’s fun, but it’s less overall than the sum of its parts.
  14. I think Jamie Blanks suffered a fair whack of studio interference during production, which is why the film is uneven and almost nothing like the novel. It kinda killed his momentum as well after UL.

    Storm Warning
    is worth checking out though, purely for the final 'trap'.
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  15. This looks damn good :

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  16. Toni + shirtless Jakey + horror = MUST SEE
  17. I could come up with something more pretentious but this is totally the truth.
  18. Jake Gooberballs shirtless and Toni giving us an iconic wig? This was made for the gays.
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  19. That Velvet Buzzsaw trailer is awesome but it kind of feels like they just gave the whole movie away.
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  20. I mean, we know who dies already from the trailer but fuck yes that looks good

    I love haunted art premises: In The Mouth of Madness et al.
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