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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Apostle on Netflix is super gory but satisfying

    Dan Stevens had super intense eyes

    Only to find out he's the Beast from Beauty of the Beast.
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  2. Plus it's directed by the same guy that made Nightcrawler - one of the best movies, ever!
  3. That man with the wooden mask...

    The stuff of nightmares.
  4. People need to stop letting Dan Stevens keep his clothes on in films.
  5. Thank you! The amount of would/wood...
  6. Friendly reminder that Dan Stevens is in the CRIMINALLY underseen The Guest along with Maika Monroe from "It Follows." He's shirtless a few times PLUS they use Annie's "Anthonio" in the big penultimate scene, which is obviously brilliant.
  7. My copy of When A Stranger Calls/Back arrived swiftly from the UK (nice service Amazon UK).

    Great packaging. Who would have thought we would be getting a luxurious reissue of a late ‘70s horror film along with a ‘90s cable flick and a soundtrack in 2018/19?

    Long live physical media!
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  8. I ordered this too cannot wait. I love the sequel so much.
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  9. Same here. I hope I didn't sound like I was shading it when I referred to it as a "'90s cable flick" but it's very underrated. The first sequence is really unsettling.
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  10. I can barely remember seeing this movie but I do remember loving it. Need to give it another watch, if only to see the shirtless Dan Stevens scenes that I’ve somehow managed to forget...
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  11. Dan Stevens is weird for me. I have only found him hot in the Guest like ICONICALLY hot. I was shook! Before and after.....nothing.

    I seen Escape Room. It was.....fine. The first hour was pretty damn fun then it just got worse and worse. Would still make for a fun franchise if they get their shit together.

    Re-watched Halloween 2018 for the 7th time and it clicks so much more each time. Seriously it gets so much right that the little issues I had don't bug me as much. A very good slasher film.

    So Glad I pre-ordered the Valentine Blu-Ray. After all these years finally getting to see those extended deaths...

  12. Yes it was extremely weird for me because I found him hot in Apostle
    But I remember vividly how I made fun of the human version of the Beast being a total meh.
    I said "he was so much hotter as the Beast wtf"

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  13. If the ‘Halloween’ sequel doesn’t come till 2020, that would mean Jamie Lee Curtis has done a ‘Halloween’ movie in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s and 20s.

    When will Heather, Neve, Sarah, Adrienne, Jennifer or Danielle?

  14. A Halloween sequel shouldn’t come at all.
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  15. Tea, but clearly there is nothing we can do to stop it so let’s not get in the way of Jamie Lee Curtis getting her cheque.

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  16. I finally saw Halloween. It was fine, but it felt more like an indie auteurs director take on the Michael Myers mythos than an actual slasher or proper sequel. Also, the twist for the new Loomis was cringe. As others have said, Halloween/Halloween II/H20 remains my trinity.
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  17. Danielle isn’t far behind teebs. Her 4 Halloween movies, plus Urban Legend for the 90s boom, the Hatchet series, and about a dozen more cameos and leads in other slasher pics.

    But she did originate as JLC’s daughter so it makes sense. They really need to appear in a film together!
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  18. The new Loomis was definitely a misfire. I still can't get over the foot stomp scene either. That was like something straight out of Halloween 5.
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  19. The foot stomp death was also something the director had always “dreamed about filming”. So strange compared to the brutal realism of the rest of the film.
  20. I think Micheal comes off very brutal (especially in the restroom sequence) but the head stomp was a bit too far.
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