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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Is retro VHS tape-style packaging popular in the UK?

    Happy Birthday to Me has been reissued on blu-ray VHS style packaging. So tempted because that movie is almost a trademark VHS film for me as I always saw the infamous cover on video store shelves.
  2. It was just ridiculous. If his head had caved in fair enough but it literally turned to mush. A skull would not break that easily.

    I know horror films don't always strive for realism, but as someone else said, everything else in the film was pretty plausible. It just felt like a huge misstep.
  3. It just isn’t Michaels style or aesthetic, it’s more of a Jason Voohrees style kill.
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  4. The other problem with the head stomp was that it looked like his head was completely squashed but then in the next shot it just looked slightly caved in. So it just seemed like a pointless moment.
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  5. All this talk of the head stomp (Sartain probably had brittle bones let’s be honest) but everyone is forgetting that Michael hollowed out a man’s head and then made it look like a jack’o’lantern.

    Physics has never been the franchise’s strong point bar the first, I mean, Jodi Lynne O’Keefe’s death in H20 just for starters.
  6. The foot stomp didn't bother me just based off who Michael was doing it on. Like that's 40 years of pent up rage plus I felt they cut away fairly quickly. I thought overall they did a perfect job of having most of the graphic kills off screen.

    Also I forgot who posted about New Year, New You on Hulu but it was really good. The actresse's were all perfect and the level of tension that kept building and building was so well done. All female cast and female director also which we need more of. Very fun.
  7. Not with me, it's another thing I don't wanna start collecting (I have got enough formats to obsess on). I am loving replacing a lot of my DVDs with Blu Rays/4K Blu Rays. They are usually smaller and take up less room, which is an advantage with the amount I have. I don't mind thicker Boxset/Deluxe Editions for certain films, like the recent 'When A Stranger Calls', but these new VHS style are not my thing.

    Despite denouncing them, I have to admit if they bring out an original 'Halloween' one, I am sure I will get.
  8. I loved the head squish in Halloween, it was fun and a fitting ending for Sartain, who was an insect. I am glad we didn't get a new proper Loomis. He was another monster and not just a red herring.

    Sometimes when these films try to hard to be 'above' other good slashers by being too plausible, it loses the fun element that has kept it going all these years.
  9. Yeah, that was my problem really. As I said, it felt like an indie movie rather than a proper slasher. It lacked any real tension, except for the last bit in the house. Interesting take but not something I will go back to.
  10. I can still remember hunting for this movie in 1996 for months and finding an ex-rental copy at an old video store, catching a bus down, handing over £7, and ticking one off the list, back when I thought that there were literally only about 25 slasher movies ever made.

    That cover though... So iconic, even if the actor looked nothing like the one who got shish-ke-bobbed to death.
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  11. I watched ‘The Monster’ on Netflix last night and it was just ok. I thought they did a really good job of making the woods creepy and there was a real sense of dread throughout the first half. But it kind of fell apart when the monster was revealed. It became really predictable and the monster itself wasn’t very scary. For a movie that was under an hour and a half it seemed to go on for ages too.
  12. The Monster made me cry. I was a bit tipsy when I watched it though.
  13. Watching "Suspiria" (2018) again. This movie is like a repeated beating that doesn't let up but you somehow enjoy it and want again. Tilda Swinton is truly the gift that keeps on giving.
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  14. Did anyone see the news that Final Destination is being rebooted by the makers of a couple of the Saw movies? I’m actually looking forward to it as it’s a franchise I think lends itself well to multiple sequels.

    The first 3 were horror movies I grew up with so they’ll always be some of my favourites. The fourth was terrible but remains the only real low point in the series for me. The directors of the reboot don’t excite me at all but I’m hoping that it will be a solid instalment to the series.
  15. Bahahaha.
    I've been googling "Final Destination sequel news" every two months for the past couple of years now. I'm so excited we're getting more of this stupid franchise.
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  16. Final Destination is one of my favorite franchises and Saw one of my least favorite so I'm not sure how to feel.
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  17. They do fucking love the word reboot don't they? Final Destination has very little film-to-film continuity - and doesn't need any - so they can literally continue to make them. If they don't want to add numbers, just look to the books and call them things like Final Destination: Dead Reckoning etc.

    Also not here for those writers. The Collector 'series' was a sadistic mess.

    Will still lap it up and gulp it down though.
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  18. Final Destination movies are always fun (bar the 4th) so I'm here for more. I agree, there's no need to reboot or remake just continue on.
  19. Suspiria 2018 was incredible. Not going to be for everyone but I loved it. I thought it would get weird but it got weirddddddd. Yes Luca slay me yet again!
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  20. Halloween III: Season Of The Witch was on The Horror Channel in the UK last week and I recorded it... am watching later this week and am very excited (have heard RAVES from people I respect, though trying not to raise my hopes too highly)...
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