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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Gale looks snatched in Scream 2 and her fluorescent colors in the first are amazing. The leopard headband? Shania was taking notes.
  2. BTG


    Ddddddddd speaking of Famke, she didn't even land a spot on the House on Haunted Hill poster despite carrying the damn thing.


    But still, get that coin, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras.
  3. Gale was styled for the Gods in ‘2’ but I will not have you imply this ‘Discount Mart’ mall hairdo is a look, I will not!
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  4. She was a small town reporter though, the tacky highlights kinda fit.
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  5. Found a better one

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  6. That photo of AJ Cook from Ripper always makes me laugh. Nothing says “I’m an outsider rebel with a dark and troubled past” like loose dreads.
  7. What bothers me is JLC on the cover of Resurrection looks exactly like on the cover of H20, even with cropped hair... hmmm.

  8. Nothing says “I’m the killer!” more!

    Anyhow, anyone for a
    “Bahn Mi Sandwich”?
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  9. And yet the same year in Friends her hair looked gorgeous, maybe she grew into it.
  10. I actually think it was her worst looking year on Friends as well. That was season 6, and she pretty much looked the same as she did in the movie.
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  11. As the season went on her fringe grew and she looked great.
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  12. “Ok,
    It’s not a cage baby,
    It’s a trap!”
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  13. What’s the movie 2nd bottom on the left & bottom right?
  14. Final Stab & The Pool
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  15. Tbh can you blame them for reusing the H20 promo shot when faced with the ratty assed weave she has in Resurrection.

    Omg I love Star Wars.
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  16. She wasn't supposed to be the killer. They ran out of money to get the ending they wanted (I think it's supposed to be the detective, as he wears a glove on the same hand she stabbed the original killer with) and she goes insane. But the shitty sequel just went "duh, ok, she's the wacko."
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  17. I feel so bad for actors who finally got to see the poster for the movie they'd been working for, hoping for a masterpiece like the Urban Legend one, and getting
    -a Photoshop disaster like I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer
    -airbrushed into a completely different face like poor Marley Shelton
    -replaced on the poster with someone who's barely in the movie
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  18. Gail's Scream 3 fringe made it look like Ghostface already got their hands on her.
  19. Yeah, the blonde girl on the far left of the I'll Always Know... is literally in it for one scene and contributes nothing at all, but I think she was some reality star or something? Guess the marketing department pushes for recognisable faces to grab that coin.
  20. God just seeing this brought back how awful Soul Survivors was.
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