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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. What's the second poster from the bottom left?

    The two guys look cute.
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  2. Children of the Corn V (guy 2 is the late Alexis Arquette and Eva Mendez is behind him).
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  3. How are the Children of the Corn sequels, by the way? I truly can't imagine...
  4. Well, none are objectively good, but there are some fun scenes here and there. Personally I'd recommend 2 and 5 as fun entries, and 666 (just because Isaac returns). 3 has Charlize Theron in it somewhere, 4 has Naomi Watts and Puck from Glee; Genesis (#8) was absolutely awful and the 2009 remake is also abysmal.

    There is zero film-to-film consistency though. Zero.
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  5. I love Jessica Caulfield ddddddddddddd
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  6. "You look so pretty Paige!"

    That bit actually cracks me up.
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  7. Thank you! I’ve literally never heard of either of these movies so I’m excited I have some 2000’s slashers to watch for the first time, I thought I had completely exhausted them all.
  8. The Pool is serious fun, Final Stab is trash, not even redeeming trash, boring trash.
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  9. Hmm I don't mind Final Stab but it's cheap as cheap can get. The director's a hunty though so we get a fit guy in his boxers stalked instead of the usual girl in skimpy underwear.
  10. I think the cheapest modern slasher I accidentally ever rented was the abysmal Camp Blood... short on video, awfulness, I believe the sequel is better, but I’ve never tried.
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  11. There are now (at least) five sequels to it. I saw the second one and it was a practical Xerox of the first - think they were shot back to back though.

    I'm watching Ripper again - Kelly Brook's acting!! - it's still solid and better made than 90% of horror from that era, but the whole "they died exactly like the Jack the Ripper victims" thing is quickly abandoned, unless he ran over some victims with a jeep and fed others into a giant log saw!
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  12. I’m watching Urban Legend, with its opening stanning of Total Eclipse Of The Heart.
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  13. “It’S lIKe sOmEOnE OuT thERe iS tAKiNg tHEsE sTOrIeS aNd maKInG thEm ReALiTy!”

  14. “I prefer the term eck-centric!”

    The writers obviously loved Adams Family Values with its visual aid confessional.
  15. I liked Soul Survivors even if it was obvious what the twist was going to be, and poor Melissa Sagemiller was out of her depth.

    Tonight, I am watching "Toybox", a DVD release of a horror movie about a haunted RV starring Denise Richards! I picked it up in ASDA for £3 so wasn't expecting much. Sadly, this is really bottom of the barrel stuff and even the appearance of my beloved Mischa Barton isn't rescuing it.
  16. I'm watching Valentine and um, Katherine Heigl leaving a date, clad in a tight-fitting wine coloured dress and matching wine coloured leather jacket, to carry out an autopsy - iconic. We stan a supporting character who proves you can do it all.
  17. In between this and Child's Play, Heigl missed her calling as a scream queen.
  18. BTG


    I’m going to need you to live-post the entirety of this movie.

    Drag Marley.

    Drag Jessica.

    Live for Denise.
  19. Denise is snatched. The wig, the eyebrows, the teeth. Call me Katherine Heigl in the morgue cuz I'm slain.
  20. I lived for Dorothy's sour face throughout every watch of Valentine. Jessica Capshaw is seriously underrated.
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