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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. It takes a while to get there but the payoff is pretty satisfying.
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  2. Fucking hell, Kill List is an amazing film. I wish Ben Wheatley would go back to horror
  3. Kill List and Sightseers are superb, as is a Free Fire. I’ve yet to watch High Rise, but I am a fan, and would welcome a return to horror from him.
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  4. I thought it was very good, it slowly builds up tension with a great little twist.
  5. Sightseers was brilliant as was his unfairly forgotten Down Terrace. I think I respected rather than necessarily enjoyed High Rise and Free Fire.

    Kill List is such an achievement. A rare film that managed to feel ultra realistic (e.g. a scene revolving around the fallout from the use of Pyrex gravy jug) and yet ultra dreamlike (e.g. the last 30 minutes)
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  6. The most unnerving part of Hereditary isn't even all the demon shit or the shots of dismembered body parts - it's Toni Collette's reaction to finding Charlie's body that got to me the most. That kind of grief is primally, deeply unsettling.
  7. Uno


    I agree. I was almost crying with her. Felt so real and raw.
  8. Jumping in on the praise for The Invitation. I could see why some people would find it too slow but I was completely immersed and on the edge of my seat the whole movie. I loved how there was definitely something strange going on but nothing so strange that you were questioning why the hell the characters weren’t getting out of there. Makes you think about what you would do in a similar situation. Really effective & a movie I would recommend to anyone.
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  9. My Hereditary experience was ruined in the cinema by some annoying girl behind me who kept making that clucking sound throughout to make her friends giggle. We moved but we could still hear them. It totally killed the mood for me.

    As for Toni’s performance; It was mostly great especially the dinner table scene when she’s shouting at her son.
    But the scene when she was trying to get her family to take part in the seance literally had the audience laughing with her whining “pleeeeeeeeease!’
  10. The entire (packed) theater burst into laughter when the son starts sobbing in that scene. Totally killed the mood.
  11. I couldn't contain my laughter when they did a match cut from Toni crying in her house to the funeral. It was like something out of a straight up comedy.
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  12. From the director of Hereditary. Looks promising
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  13. Please don't suck like Suspiria.
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  14. I love me some A24 horror.
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  15. Does anybody have recommendations for French horror other than Martyrs, Inside, High Tension, Frontier(s), Raw and Climax? Seen these ones and interested in more.
  16. I'm not sure whether I'm relieved or annoyed that the Midsommar teaser was a whole lot of nothing
  17. Trouble Every Day, In My Skin, Diabolique (more suspense than horror but the climactic moment is chilling)
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  18. Revenge (2017).
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  19. I'd recommend 'Incident in a Ghostland'. I thought it was great.
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  20. Watched Possum last night. Ominous, tense, disturbing... at the 'arty' end of the scale, so no blondes in bikinis getting stabbed every 5 minutes or anything, just lots of creepy visuals and ambiguous set pieces. The puppet terrified me. Out on digital and physical this week.

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