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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Ooh I remember enjoying this. I have the double feature BluRay with that William Shatner movie. Visiting Hours I think?
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  2. I think "Alien: Covenant" might be my third favorite film in the series. Sorry, I keep talking about these films, but I'm in the middle of a sort of personal renaissance while going through them all. "Covenant" is the first film since the original that really taps into the horror aspect of the concept. That initial scene when the landing crew touches down and everything goes to shit in the span of a few minutes. Ugh, it gives me palpitations.

    Obviously the first two films are my favorites, but I really do think "Covenant" gets the twisted spirit of the original so right.
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  3. I've only seen the Alien film with Winona Ryder. Bit shameful really.
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  4. BTG


    I said it before and I’ll say it once more...

    Alien 3 >
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  5. More than a bit.
  6. I need to give Covenant another chance really. I walked out of it at the cinema.
  7. It's not scary at all, but Greta was the camp horror masterpiece we were all (I was) hoping it would be. Isabelle Huppert is ICONIC in it. However, the suspension of disbelief was constantly being shattered trying to imagine anyone could be so obsessed with Chloe Grace Moretz's boring ass.
  8. This baffles me. At which point?

    Don't break my heart, please!
  9. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a horror more thriller. But ‘Us’ looks incredible.

  10. Why do I let Wolf Creek devastate me so much?

    One day movies will be able to read our minds and the more we scream for characters to run faster/hit harder/hide better, they will respond in kind.
  11. I'd like to suggest Jigoku

    It's a bit boring, but the visuals are fantastic and very unsettling at times, worth a try
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  12. I don’t know, watching that trailer (again) just now while home alone with the lights off was pretty horrific for me, haha!
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  13. The characters in Covenant make some of the stupidest decisions you could possibly make. I'm a slasher fan, so I'm used to characters making stupid decisions, but this crew really goes beyond. Taking off your helmet on a foreign planet just because there's oxygen, for starters.

    Annihilation is still the best sci-fi horror I've seen in a while.
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  14. I watched Starry Eyes last night and really enjoyed it, except for the ending. Like after all that all she got was a $20 wig and a new gown?
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  15. Annihilation was magical.

    Covenant just felt like an attempt to address concerns that Prometheus wasn't like Alien enough and in the process fail at being either thing to a satisfying degree.
  16. I don’t really understand the Alien franchises tone, it seems to be all over the place. Covenant was almost like a slasher/action set in space while Prometheus was a lot more Sci-Fi based. Neither film was particularly great but I’d say I preferred Covenant. It could be due to the fact that I was working in a cinema at the time it was released so was able to watch it for free in a screening completely empty, so that was pretty cool. I don’t think any future installments in this franchise are going to be met with a fully positive response, people want such different things from them. Also the original Alien and it’s sequel are such classics everything else is bound to feel inferor surely?
  17. I actually never saw anything after the four Alien films and the AVP films. I did enjoy them though, not so much the AVP crossovers. Would I like Prometheus and Covenant?

  18. Sorry for the double post but I thought this would be something some of you here would enjoy and it’s on topic for the Prometheus discussion.

    Dead Meat’s videos are so entertaining and he usually provides a solid review of each of the movies he covers.
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  19. I liked Prometheus a lot. It was a slow burn with a fair bit of Lindelof's mystery box writing and bursts of horror. In that sense, it was close to the original Alien. Covenant just felt dumbed down in an attempt to make it a thrill ride, all the really interesting threads from Prometheus were dropped. It was just a subpar action thriller.
  20. I was contemplating buying both yesterday since Walmart is slowly throwing away their slipcovers which I'm a stickler for. I'll give them both a viewing. Thank you for the post. I know they killed an integral character off screen which upset a lot of people.
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