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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. It made me feel real unnerved when I watched it on VHS in 2007. It's just filled with dread. And it had the best Halloween atmosphere out of the entire series.
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  2. You know what? I reckon horror over-indexes for amazing movie endings compared to a lot of other film genres:

    - The sheer “oh fuck” climaxes of The Wicker Man or Rosemary’s Baby
    - The bum-gravy-inducing jump shocks of Carrie
    - The utterly bonkers “whaaaat” relief of Texas Chainsaw
    - The neat bone-chilling closures of Martyrs, Session 9 or The VVitch

    What are your greatest horror movie endings?
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  3. The Mist has a brilliant ending.
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  4. Even though it seems obvious now, when it was first released The Others was a real shock ending.
  5. I still think the last ten minutes of Paranormal Activity 3 are fucking terrifying.

    Poor Dennis.
  6. Also the utter nastiness of Drag Me To Hell’s final few minutes. Still impressive
  7. I honestly have trouble watching it! It's just soul-crushing.
  8. BTG


    Halloween 6 > H18 and you can stay mad.
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  9. The end of The Blair Witch Project for sure.
  10. I still remember being incredibly underwhelmed by the ending to 28 Weeks Later. I should have know, but still...
  11. Speaking of, Danny Boyle has just confirmed another sequel!
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  12. So Hereditary’s final scene was too exposition heavy and kinda stifled the impact, but the final act itself is absolutely breathtaking and the best of horror.
    Toni on the ceiling, Toni sawing her neck in the attic, the exterior shot of the house which reveals the naked followers surrounding it.
    A true masterpiece.
  13. You all hear about this one all the time from me but Lake Mungo has the best ending I've seen in horror. It makes everything that preceded it even scarier.

    Also, Kill List has a heartbreaking but brilliant ending.

    Ooo, also have to throw The Innkeepers and House of the Devil in there for endings that did not disappoint after seemingly endless tension-building.
  14. Still two of my all-time favorite films. I can watch them on a loop!
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  15. Eden Lake's ending still has me fuming 11 years later.

  16. The final ten minutes of You’re Next is an utterly perfect end to the movie
  17. Night of the Living Dead has another fantastic ending. Such a gut-wrencher.
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  18. i find that the theatrical cut feels pointless and dire. Nevermind that I've never seen the infamous Producers Cut. So I can't compare.

  19. They’re airing two episodes a night in a row for three nights
  20. Great to see they brought the original mask into it. I take it Paris is the opening kill.
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