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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Uno


    The new Child’s Play was such fun. I really liked it - I’m even willing to ignore the half-baked final stretch.

    Definitely not without its faults (the boy was supposed to be deaf and need a hearing aid, but is constantly shown having conversations without it?) but it’s a much needed breath of fresh air to the franchise.
  2. Scream 5 needs to spoof alternate timeline movies and cinematic universes.
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  3. Can they do it so Scream 3 doesn't exist and Scream 4 is actually Scream 3?
  4. Not for your benefit, some of us actually like Scream 3.
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  5. So....Scream: Endgame? Which infinity stone does Sidney Prescott have?
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  6. The “would you settle for a PG-13 Relationship?” stone.
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  7. The “You’re forgetting one thing about Billy Loomis... I FUCKING KILLED HIM” stone.
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  8. They'll no doubt deliver a terrible Scream 5 and posts will be made "Scream 4 wasn't so bad. They should have ended it there. Didn't like how (insert name) died." I think it should remain the way especially with Wes gone.
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  9. The "you forgot the first rule of remakes, Jill. Don't fuck with the original" stone.

    (100% sure Kevin was taking a dig at Scream 3 with this one).
  10. Y’all are forgetting Sidney’s still holding onto the “Looks like you fingered the wrong guy” stone.
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  11. Maybe Scream 5 can comment on re-boots like Hall

    Kevin didn't write the hospital part. I think it was Wes himself plus Ehren (he doesn't deserve this last name) Kruger. I will say the original intention of the film seemed to be to move on to new characters while what it ended up being was a "don't fuck with the original" movie where most of the new people die while the iconic original trio survive. I like this better.
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  12. I know there was a series of rewrites that Kevin was involved in (like rewriting the opening) but then he got annoyed by the Weinsteins meddling and there were more rewrites after that so I wasn't sure what was his and what isn't.

    It's a good line though.
  13. Saw Annabelle Comes Home last night and honestly thought it was a fun time. Yeah, its very predictable but it's definitely on par with Annabelle Creation for me.
  14. We're aware of the Castle Freak remake, yeah? Produced by horror vet Barbara Crampton and written by Kathy Charles—let's go, ladies—I'm on tenterhooks.
  15. Me and my horror bestie are gonna watch two whorrific dolls back to back feature with the new Child's Play + Annabelle Comes Home.

    Our fingers are crossed for at least one of them to be good.
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  16. I believe so, seeing as the original ending was to have Jill survive but no one aware that she was one of the killers. I don't know if Sidney was meant to die originally? The hospital scene was added after, right?

    I could see it working with a new cast, by having Sidney die at the end of Scream 4 (or severley debilitated) and then Gale/Dewey turning up in Scream 5 as the opening kills or something, once they found out Jill was the killer. There's also always been that speculation that Kirby was being lined up to be the new lead in future movies (which would have been awesome).

    I defintiely loved Scream 4 at the time, watching it back now I see issues with it but it holds up as a much stronger chapter in the series than 3 did (for me, personally).

    I would have LOVED to have the movie end with the intended ending, with Jill alive and leading swifty into a Scream 5 the following year. I always had my suspicions that it would be revealed in Scream 5 that Judy Hicks had some kind of involvement in the Scream 4 murders (or was instigating them in some way) and had some other connection to Sidney than just that they had shared some classes together in high school (maybe she knew Billy and/or Stu?).

    And I've said before that the opening to Scream 4 is messy. I loved the fake openings but then when you get to the 'real' one it's really rubbish. The best 'kill' in that opening is with the Lucy Hale character and that should have been the actual kill opening the movie. The Marnie/Jenny kills are bland and the characters unlikeable.
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  17. Hmm. His review was a lot more negative than I thought it would be considering he championed Hereditary as the movie of its released year.

  18. The alternative opening was so much better than the final.
  19. I REFUSE to believe this troll.
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