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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I really just wanna watch Midsommar again. Florence Pugh is my latest obsession, and I was completely swept up by how gorgeous the film is. I was never really "scared," but unlike some, that's not the defining characteristic of a good horror flick. It was unsettling as hell, and that's enough for me when the film is so beautifully crafted.
  2. And the black hooded figures with the porcelain doll masks walking so ominously towards them as they were trying to escape.

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  3. As Above So Below: now that is a modern horror flick I can stan.
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  4. Of films this year so far, Midsommar is definitely the one that has stuck with me most after watching it.
  5. The VVitch is excellent. The cinematography activates my seasonal affective disorder but it fits the oppressively somber tone of the film perfectly
  6. Not a horror, but Florence was good in Fighting With My Family. It’s a bit saccharine in places, but I enjoyed it. It was in my top 5 of 2019 earlier this year, although it was bumped off a month or two ago. Florence is definitely one to watch!
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  7. Midsommar definitely put her on my radar. I didn't realise that was her in Fighting With My Family so I'll have to check it out. I also can't wait to see her kick ass in the Black Widow movie.
  8. Okay horror hunties, this is something that has bothered me for like a year. Does anyone know what slasher flick has a score that sounds identical to the bit at 2:00 here:

    I feel like its Sleepaway Camp or Final Exam but I can't place it and I hear it in my head EVERY time I play this stone cold bop.
  9. It sounds like the theme tune to the UK 1980s horror series 'Hammer House Of Horror'. It comes in about 0:20 in the clip :

  10. Definitely not what I'm thinking of (as I've never heard of this) but I do hear what you mean.
  11. Just letting y'all know a marathon of Joe Bob's Last Drive-In is happening on Saturday on Shudder with a live Twitter chat with Joe Bob and Darcy the Mail Girl. It's a lot of fun.
  12. Are we discussing horror movie bops now?

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  13. aux


  14. Okay but let’s not forget about THE Horror bop girls!

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  15. BTG


  16. Some of y’all need to just come out and admit you don’t have have the patience for a slow burn and call it a day. The lack of attention spans... far too much.

    Films like The Witch and Hereditary are hardly even about the supernatural or occult—that stuff is just window dressing for something scarier. The Witch is about a young woman’s liberation from patriarchal power. The catalyst for her family’s unraveling has more to do with their puritanical hypocrisy than it does witchcraft. Hereditary is the same in that grief and psychological suffering play out far scarier than any of the cult stuff. If slow burn Arthouse horror isn’t your thing that’s cool... but let’s not do the most on highly acclaimed masterpieces just because you’re unable to engage.
  17. The original rap gangsta. F.Krug

  18. Okay, but a person can know and understand all of that and still not enjoy the films?

    For the record I love The Witch, Hereditary, House of the Devil etc, but I can also see why they may not resonate with some people.

    Blaming it on ‘lack of attention spans’ is patronising at best.
  19. It sounds like The Fog to me.
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    One of my favourite horror movies is all 136 ponderous moments of Rosemary’s Baby. My attention span is just fine. I just didn’t enjoy The VVitch.

    Hereditary was great.
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