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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. This opening will never not leave me GAGGED.

  2. When the main criticism is “it’s boring!!!” that absolutely signals to me that attention spans are in short supply. It’s... not a huge leap. Perhaps the material didn’t resonate or certain viewers were expecting something else but I’ve noticed from my personal experience with audiences that a lot of moviegoers are fucking restless and yes, have short attention spans. If that doesn’t apply to you then great—the movie just didn’t work for you. It’s when people feel the need to double down with their hot takes and declare acclaimed films “overrated” repeatedly as if everyone who loved it has been conned by a pretentious hack job... well that’s patronizing to me.
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  3. Me too but there is a tendency for when people don't actually get a film or it's not their thing to write it off simply as boring. A lot of these films have the horror story/theme as a secondary, saying it didn't explore those themes fully is missing the point of them. I think some people were expecting something else and when it wasn't what they wanted, it is simply written off.
  4. I wasn't bored in Us or Hereditary, I just didn't find them remotely scary and paired with the fact the latter has quite a heavy feeling it sort of feels like no "payoff". Heavy horror never really sits well with me (see Babadook). I find it exhausting, not entertaining. Not quite "short attention spans losers!!!", but a matter of enjoyment period.
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  5. These films rarely have 'pay offs' and if they do they are not normally obvious.
    They are not normally enjoyed in the traditional sense but you normally get something you don't get in other horrors.
  6. I think the short attention span comment is completely valid when the only critique they provide is, "It's boring and nothing happens."
  7. Uno


    Midsommar was literally boring at times though.
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  8. Not in my opinion, it wasn't. It was fascinating, beautiful and emotionally traumatic.

    Anywho... It also kind of bugs me when people completely trash a film because it "isn't scary." As if half the horror movies we watch and enjoy are actually scary to any of y'all! Find a better criticism!
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  9. You’ve identified that these types of films, while engaging, are not for you. No one would accuse you of having a short attention span for that. I think a lot of horror fans see a new film in the genre they love getting critical acclaim and immediately rush to the nearest theatre without the proper mindset to enjoy it. They go in expecting fast-paced, mainstream horror and when it’s not that they write it off as boring crap. This applies to pop music too; Robyn releases Honey and certain stans go in expecting Body Talk part 300. When it turns out to be a more subdued affair, instead of just admitting it’s not for them and moving on they double down and do the absolute most. Is it patronizing to accuse people of writing off things they “don’t get”? Yeah... but in a lot of cases that’s kinda the tea.
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    Sis you’re doubling down on this terrible hot take calling us out in a thread full of horror fags who love the genre inside and out, and are clearly not the type of viewer you’re talking about.

    Save your ire for Dave and Sandra at the cinema who went to Hereditary expecting thrills and got Toni ACTING for the gods instead.
  11. I don't see how y'all would get pressed if none of this applies to you. @Quinn Morgendorffer has been nothing but clear that's exactly who they're talking about.
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  12. BTG


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  13. Huh. Looks like Quinn isn't talking about people like @tylerc904 ! Stay pressed!
  14. Lots of posters in the thread have explained why films like Hereditary didn’t work for them, many of them going beyond “boring crap”.

    I also think it’s a huge generalisation to accuse horror fans (of which we all are) of not seeing a film with the ‘right’ mindset. Also, what even is the ‘right’ mindset, anyway. It’s completely undefinable, personal, and subjective. You saying that smacks of a feeling of intellectual superiority, to be frank.

    Like I said before, you can see exactly what a film is trying to do and why it’s doing it and still find that it’s not successful for you.

    And like, I get it. When you love something, especially art, it’s difficult to see people bash it. But that doesn’t mean you have the right to dictate the right and wrong ways to approach, consume, and react to it. (I’m speaking more generally here ddd)
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  15. Hereditary is enthralling until the last 5 minutes. It literally jumps out the window and it lost me. Still a great horror film.
  16. Y'all can't even keep track of your oddly stubborn takes:

    The backtracking while simultaneously doubling down!! I guess we're just pressed.
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  17. I think it's generally pretty obvious when someone doesn't care for a film versus someone willing to chuck incredibly well-made films under the bus for the sake of it. I've seen people call stuff like Hereditary and The House of the Devil "the worst movies I've ever seen." Which... these people's opinions should be held suspect.
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  18. I'm very confused, because both Quinn and I aren't calling you out in the least. You are NOT who they're talking about.
  19. Basically: drive-by, dismissive comment pointed towards posters in the thread
    Said posters: here is why I did not care for these films
    Quinnbbygirl: No not YEW
    More of said posters: here is why I did not care for these films
    You: They didn't mean you EITHER
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