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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Because they literally don't. Why are your hackles up? I'm on your side?
  2. Because the two of you came through with whack generalizations and complained that people's reasoning weren't good enough for you. This thread is not the place for people who don't appreciate the genre, and yet apparently some peoples' opinions are too shallow for you!!! That ain't my side.

    Doubling down on the dismissive and arrogant commentary is obnoxious and a little typical.
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  3. Gee, thanks.
  4. Ugh, that kid in The Babadook.

    KILL IT.
  5. Drama? In the HORROR FILMS thread? Foolish. All of us Little Prescotts disagree sometimes but we can kii over it and move on.

    What we can ALL agree on is that I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is a stone-cold classic and if you can't get with that, go fall through a glass ceiling.
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  6. I'm watching it right now. Ray is currently trading in Julie's ring at a pawn shop. Ballsy King gets offered $200 for it and he asks for $300 and the gun!!
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  7. This masterpiece. The Vocal Bible delivering the line "I don't want to get my hair wet" only to be drenched for the remainder of the film a mere 10 minutes later. What may seem like a innocuous exchange, is really something much more. Not only does she find her hair tie later in the voodoo lounge, but it represents her naive hope. She really thought her hair would stay dry and that this trip would be an experience of a lifetime. The cinematic foreshadowing. Them using weather as a symbol for the chaos and horror that awaits the group. This is a real film lover's dream.
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  8. I'd just like to think that we love this genre so much that we're just defending films that we like. Especially when it comes to proclaimed masterpieces.
  9. I think I'll go see Midsommar tomorrow afternoon. I've been putting it off because it looks like a visual feast that's enough to worsen my (Summer) SAD which is funny since @Andy French was saying the same thing about The Witch a few pages back ddd.
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  10. You faggies wanna know what's a lost classic? The Blackcoat's Daughter. Commiting a murder spree in hopes that the homicidal demon that possessed you years ago comes back and keeps you company just so you don't end up completely alone is very me



    Although the plot was paper thin, it told the story horrifically so.
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  12. The Blackcoat's Daughter is the exact type of style over substance plotless dirge I live for, to be honest.

  13. Whew that car scene with Emma Roberts still has me SHOOK.
  14. Just like The Neon Demon.
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  15. God the ending to that film gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Norman Bates son and Emma Roberts did THAT!
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  16. book of shadows blair witch 2 was hilariously bad but i like the soundtrack so shoot me
  17. It's terrible but weirdly watchable? I don't know, maybe it's because I was drunk, but it kept me entertained.
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  18. Right? Didn't make much sense and the stupid found footage sequence is dumb but it at least feels cohesive...? I still don't know how I feel and I've watched it so many times. I don't think the acting was that bad either (except for the guy at the end when he's got spit coming out of his mouth lol)
  19. Honestly one of the most depressing endings to a film I have ever seen. All alone.

  20. The Blackcoat's Daughter was a trip down a dead end road. Nicely done blah-de-blah and then... nothing. But I guess that's sometimes the essence of horror: Bleakness.

    Book of Shadows is a guilty pleasure. Major tonal shift but I like they made a sequel in a universe where the first film existed as a film. The cast was decent too. It wasn't remotely scary though.
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