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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Just the entire atmosphere of The Blackcoat's Daughter did it for me. It gave me Supiria vibes but obviously less flamboyant/colorful. Watching it at 12 am in the dark by myself also helped. Slow burn horror is much better watching this way at least for me. I can just let the film wash over me and take it in. When I watched it with my man it did not have the same effect as he just found it boring. The thing about the ending that really spooked me was the sadness of the character of being lonely from essentially Satan. Fucked up stuff.

    As far as Book of Shadows its a miracle it came out the way it did with its rushed release date plus studio interference. For sure not a great film but if it's on tv I'll watch some of it. Plus that goth chick is everything.

    Surprised at the critical response of Crawl so far. 100% on RT even though its only 14 reviews is still nice to see. Look even more forward to checking it out. I need a breezy, gory little creature feature this Summer.
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  2. I'm seeing Annabelle Comes Home tonight. After The Nun and La Llorona, my expectations are fairly low, so hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.

    The only decent films in The Conjuring Universe so far have been Conjuring 1 and 2 and Annabelle Creation.
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  3. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a single Conjuring Universe film. Maybe Conjuring 2 at a PUSH.

    I don’t know why I’m still going to see them, but I will be watching the new Annabelle.
  4. I have not yet seen an annabelle flick!
  5. The original Blair Witch Project came out July 14th TWENTY YEARS AGO. I was waiting for the exact day to make a post but Jesus, where has the time gone. And what a fucking industry changing masterpiece is that movie.
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  6. Skip the first one.
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  7. The latest Annabelle flick is the best of the recent Conjuring universe films. I think Creation is probably better, but at the same time I hate horror films where children are the sole protagonists so this recent one scores points for having teens.
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  8. So much appreciation for the series of bizzare events at the end of Midsommar.
  9. Annabelle Comes Home is decent but the pacing is terrible. There are some pretty sharp scares and the story itself is good- particularly
    the fact that Annabelle gets released because a character is grieving and feels guilty over her father’s death. The fact that Annabelle is a conduit for other spirits is an easy but effective storytelling tool which, eventually, gets used well.

    There was a point that the audience found so scary that someone ran out screaming- then she had to come back in and looked mortified.

    Definitely better than The Nun and Annabelle (which I actually enjoyed).
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  10. Ha! Amazing.

    I remember seeing Signs in a crowded theater and there was a fake scare that nobody fell for except one girl, who shrieked the place down and then apologised to everyone.
  11. The only other time I’ve experienced this was in Paranormal Activity 3, pretty early on, only she never came back!
  12. I really, really want to see Crawl. Looks so dumb, but like, the good kind of dumb. And Alexandre Aja is fantastic. Except for The 9th Life of Louis Drax.
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  13. Not sure which scene you are referring to but the
    coin-eyed spirits/Ferry Man bits
    were the "hit" with the audience I saw it with. Everyone was gagged.
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  14. So this is back? Random but I miss me some J-Horror. I used to remember when they were much lowkey and creepier because they rely on atmosphere rather than jump scares.
  15. It was the scene when
    her ‘dad’ suddenly attacks her.

  16. The new Grudge re-boot was probably supposed to be out by now but they keep pushing the release back. I'm kinda intrigued as the director and cast is really interesting. The writer however is kinda shit and speaking of the same writer I finally got around to watching the new Pet Semetary....

    Ehhh. It wasn't awful but it just felt pointless. It doesn't help that I have an irrational dislike of Jason Clarke (where is the charisma?!). Even thought its also far from perfect I feel the first film adaption was better.
  17. Ugh I just love The Conjuring so much. It’s so bloody scary in parts (particularly the wardrobe scene) and the actors that play Ed and Lorraine are so damn watchable.
  18. The Conjuring films are always better when the Warrens are properly involved. I love Vera Farmiga so much.

    Oh, and Patrick Wilson?


    Annabelle Comes Home was alright, although I probably won’t watch it again. It was a bit inessential; it didn’t add anything new to the canon. The Ferryman was the creepiest part.
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  19. I'm seeing it tomorrow and yes I love Aja 's work too.
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  20. Seeing as we’re discussing The Conjuring films, can we segue into Insidious? The first one is absolute genius.

    The scene where Rose Byrne is wandering around the house and the creepy little boy is facing the wall. Perfect subtle scare that leads into full on shit storm.

    The red face behind Patrick Wilson.

    The finale may be a little weird but it’s still a fantastic film.

    For me the perfect two films are the first Insidious and The Conjuring 2 (not a fan of the first one as much as the second).
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