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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Being A League Of Gentlemen fan kind of ruined this film for me. The whole cinema I was in just laughed all through it.
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  2. A) Can't imagine laughing through Midsommar.
    B) Can't imagine people thinking the second The Conjuring is better than the first.
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  3. Yeah it’s a decent sequel but no way near as good as the first (for me anyway).
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  4. Insidious is brilliant and has some genuinely unsettling moments, not just jump scares. Right before the red-faced man jump scare, with the grandmother describing her dream ... the silhouette of the demon still haunts me late at night.

    Also, I genuinely can’t listen to Tiptoe Through The Tulips anymore.
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  5. Insidious ruins it’s self with that sub Poltergeist 2 rip off of a final act, I was so disappointed in the cinema.
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  6. Controversial opinion:

    Insidious>>>The Conjuring

    I just feel the former has more fun and imagination. I feel The Conjuring films while well made/acted are been there done that. Although extra points for Patrick and his A+ ass! A thing of beauty!
  7. Also I clearly haven't kept up with you horny folk, but Jack Reynor's Irish noodertee was surely appreciated no?
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  8. Sorry for the double post but this is why I shouldn't post with a mostly full bottle of wine in me. Totally forgot King Patrick is in both franchise's. The fact that we get his amazing ass in both is something we don't deserve!
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  9. YES!

    Fancied him loads since A Royal Night Out. I was pleasantly surprised by what he’s packing.
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  10. There were more redheads than average and I was into it. Reynor is a babe.
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  11. The CGI effects around the red guy during the Insidious finale ruined the atmosphere for me. He was very creepy when shrouded in darkness; much less scary when he was looking like goblin Darth Maul.

    The Conjuring 2 certainly wasn't as good as the first for me, but it was an impressive horror sequel. That scene where they're doing the audio recording of her voice changing and you can see her face stretch out while it's out-of-focus...very unsettling.
  12. See also: Jeepers Creepers. The first half with silhouettes and slow realisations of what he is (“be eating you”) etc. are genuinely unsettling. Then it all goes to shit the more they show of the Creeper.

    Note to horror directors: less is always more.
  13. Same
  14. I can’t really remember insidious all that well since i’ve only seen it once back when it came out but I do remember not really enjoying it. Something about it just really didn’t click with me and I’ve always been sort of surprised to see it get such positive reviews. As others have said it completely falls apart about 2/3 of the way through.

    I’ve lost track of the Conjuring-verse at this point. I love the first Conjuring movie but am probably in the minority of disliking the 2nd, the worst offender being the CGI crooked man who sucked the tension out a lot of scenes. Also given the fact that they gave the least scary villain/ghost in the entire franchise (The Nun) their own spin off, I’ve lost interest. Annabelle Creation was a delight though.

    I did just realise they released The Curse of La Llorona, how was it? I completely missed everything to do about it but I love Linda Cardellini so I’m intrigued.
  15. Insidious completely lost me once the goofy ghost hunters appeared. It’s a shame because until that point I actually thought it was pretty scary and I LOVE Rose Byrne.
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  16. Uno


    Insidious is was genuinely scary and great up until they went into that dream world or whatever that was - it completely fell apart for me and made the film just good instead of great.
  17. It was boring, the worse crime a film can commit. I wouldn’t even say it was bad; La Llorona is a creepy enough villain, Linda Cardellini always gives a solid performance and it was atmospheric enough. It was just ... nothingy. It also had a super short run time, not that I think another 20 minutes would’ve saved it. Still, it wasn’t as bad as The Nun. Ropey acting, cheesy dialogue and nonsensical plotting made that properly shite.
  18. The Conjuring 2 having that cringe ass guitar scene was not iT.
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  19. Finally got around to watching What Have You Done To Solange? yesterday, and what a superb example of a giallo it is.
    English catholic girls school setting, hot male lead (hey Fabio Testi), shockingly gruesome murders, black gloved killer, grim dark secrets, sleaziness, an investigation by Scotland Yard, a couple of memorable set pieces, and a twisty ending.
    Highly recommended, a strong 3.5/5 and the Arrow Blu-ray is top notch. I feel I need a “Summer Of Giallo” now, re-rate and rewatch a few of the classics, Argentos, and hopefully fit in a couple of new ones.
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