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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I love What Have You Done to Solange! A solid giallo, for sure.

    Which reminds me, whew when Dario Argento had it, he really had it, huh girls?
    That run of classics from The Bird With Crystal Plumage, Deep Red, Tenebre, Phenomena, Opera...that was a classic. That was a classic. In my opinion, neither Suspiria or Inferno match his best giallo films, although both are classics in their own right.
  2. I remember getting Tenebre uncut on VHS for my 132th (?) Birthday, and I was shook at the gore, and that amazing double death scene with the lesbians.
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  3. I was looking at this in 2 for 1 Arrow Video sale online. I didn't get as I finally replaced by 'Tenebre' DVD with their Blu Ray. With your recommendation I might have to find another pairing to go with this and take full advantage of their sale ( I got 2 other films a couple of weeks ago too).
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  4. Midsommar was meant to be funny though?
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I hate this
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  7. Alan Carr <3
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  8. Was it? There are moments of dark humor—hello bear—but it most certainly wasn't a comedy. I saw it with a friend whose parents both died six months ago. It... isn't a comedy.
  9. Oh yes, get it! you could do worse than pairing it with something like Don’t Torture A Duckling or The Red Queen Kills 7 Times!
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  10. Midsommar was definitely a black comedy. Ari Aster has said as much.
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  11. I've heard that too. I struggle to see it.
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  12. I’ve seen Midsommar in the cinema twice. The first time, the packed cinema audience laughed at every little moment. The second time, the quieter screening, was deathly silent and so I was more disturbed by the ‘jokes’ and gag moments. Two very different viewing experiences.
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  13. Are you me? This is exactly the same as what happened to me. Although the sex scene got huge eruptions both times because it was supposed to be that funny. Iconic scene. Like American Pie meets Lars Van Trier.

    I am mostly referring to the Austin Powers joke, Mark, the iconic sex scene, the seduction attempts, the herring, the accuracy of the mushroom paranoia, the angry man staring Mark down etc.

    The parents thing definitely isn't funny... The film is a criticism on modern indifference towards people's break up pain and grieving. The comedy aspects are interwoven with the tragedies.

    We were always thought in schools about the connection between comedy and death (maybe an Irish thing?)
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  14. Thinking about it, I fully believe it can be seen as some kind of black comedy if one wishes, especially considering Aster's comments. But I didn't get any of that. Dani's trauma felt incredibly valid and relevant. Maybe I'm being too sensitive—even in the face of the director's intention—but her performance was too personal for me to ever laugh. It was not a funny movie for me, sex scene and all.
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  15. Thanks so much for the recommendation, I was struggling to find something else. I have so much Arrow Video on Blu Ray. I did want 'The Andromeda Strain' (I have it on Blu Ray already without the extras) but they haven't had in stock for quite a while.
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  16. There's a rumour that Scream Factory has made a deal with Paramount so the vaults may be opened.

    There's rumours of a possible collector's edition of My Bloody Valentine.
  17. I saw Midsommar last night. What a film.

    Didnt know what to really expect going in as had only seen one early trailer.

    My cinema did find parts of it funny. A lot of Will Poulters lines got chuckles. The women helping with the sex etc. It was subtle, and very dark.

    Then there's was the contrast of the audible gasps/shrieks of horror at the cliff scene.
    Very similar reaction to that scene switch in Hereditary...
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  18. I need My Bloody Valentine, April Fools Day, Sleepy Hollow and Prophecy (yes, the killer mutant bear film) to get the treatment they deserve.
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  19. I watched Deadly Blessing last night. I really liked it, despite the awful reviews.
  20. Saw the new Child’s Play, and despite it being beyond silly & Chucky not looking believably adorable in the slightest, I thought it was a lot of fun. I laughed a lot, and had a genuinely campy good time.
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