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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I agree with this. I saw the new Child's Play alongside the second Annabelle film and the former was much more enjoyable and fun. That new Annabelle film continues to be horrific. There was no plot. Just girls hiding in the dark and wandering around the house waiting for something to happen. COMPLETE UTTER TRASH.

    I also saw Crawl last night and that was fun too! The score is amazing, whenever the gator appeared I lived. I must've screamed like a total of 3 times in the cinema. Everyone was engaged and you could not hear the usual whispering or talking going on, albeit being a packed night!
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  2. Us UK hunties having to wait a month to see Crawl

  3. ME NEVER BEING ABLE TO WATCH MIDSOMMAR AT THE THEATRES, like ever (unless I fly out of the country now).

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  4. I had a really vivid horror movie dream last night.

    I was housesitting in the requisite horror movie wooden colonial guesthouse and was told never to go into one room, no matter what I hear from inside. There was a creepy comic picture of a nun on the outside of it.

    So I go settle in a few rooms down and loud noise starts to come from said room. I see there are deadbolts on all of the doors in my room, but they're really worn, as if something's battered that door over the years.

    I'm also aware I'm in a horror movie so I know something will happen that'll make me open that door before 90 minutes is over. Fortunately, I woke up before that, but it was very intense.

    -writes to Blumhouse, copyrighting my subconscious-
  5. I’m ready for your The Unnameable remake Hen,
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  6. Oh my fucking god

  7. Have I scrolled by, or was the Scream season 3 premiere that bad that no one has dissected it?
  8. It has its own thread, sweets. The responses aren't pretty.
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  9. I saw Midsommar last night. Immediate reaction was a little bit of disappointment because it certainly didn’t match Hereditary but having slept on it I’m now appreciating what a wild ride it was. I also loved how 95% of the movie takes place during blinding sunlight, very unsettling.

    If I had some criticisms they would be that I wish the movie was pushed further in certain aspects. They did a pretty excellent job of portraying hallucinogens, I would have loved to have seen more of a bad trip/creepy visuals from that. They touched briefly on it with Christian towards the end but I think the horror could have been successfully pushed that way. Especially since it’s clear the cult were meant to seem pretty ‘normal’ throughout rather than increasingly disturbing as you probably would expect to happen.

    Also want to give a shoutout to that cliff scene, it made me (along with half the audience) audibly gasp. One of the highlights from the movie, very difficult to watch. And then that dream sequence where Dani wakes up only to watch her friends abandon her and drive away in the night. The absolute feeling of dread that flowed over me!
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  10. That cliff scene!!! Even though you could see what was coming a mile off it was still shocking. The audience the audience reaction in my screening was palpable.
    I don't think anyone was expecting the sheer graphic-ness of it.
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  11. WB is hosting their annual ScareDiego event at San Diego Comic Con tomorrow night. The only movie they're featuring is It: Chapter Two and the cast will also be on Conan O'Brien's show that night, so there's a big possibility we're getting the second trailer tomorrow night or this weekend. At the very least we'll get to read reactions from fans and media at the event
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  12. I really enjoyed it but I thought the score was kind of a letdown by the end. The climax happened and the score was very "wait? is something happening? oh."
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  13. Not sure if it's been mentioned but Arrow Films have released a load of Slasher/Horror B-movies on BluRay and HMV are selling them for buy one get one free


  14. Hold fire as they have much better sales throughout the year, and regularly fall into Amazon’s 4 for 25 sales and stuff.
    But, The Initiation, Madman, The Burning, Dressed To Kill, Theatre Of Blood and Motel Hell, for some examples, are the definitive releases out there.

    Talking of horror buys, I went to the post office to pick up a parcel, hoping it was the Indicator releases for this month, being The Legacy (superb, campy, haunted house, bit slasher, guilty pleasure) and a Norman J Warren Boxset (my favourite British horror director of the 70’s after Pete Walker), to find it wasn’t them waiting for me at all. Oh well, I’ll have to keep on with a Giallo this evening.
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  15. I’m stuck on an eight hour train journey so I just watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Next Generation. What a load of camp old nonsense, but young Matthew McConaughey (and his robotic leg) would totally get it.
  16. It was the first one I ever saw... and it’s dreadful.
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  17. As much as I loved the second Annabelle movie, the third one really wasn’t the one. I only saw it on Monday, and it was nowhere near as bad as the first movie (or The Nun), but it was so painfully dull. There was a point where it just seemed like they were throwing every idea they had at the wall and hoping it would stick and probably hoping they’d all have potential for their own spin-offs. Meh.
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  18. Pretty much. It felt like a 'lost' cable movie from the early 90s.
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