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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Crawl was a lot of fun and pretty much exactly what I expected. Effy versus gators for an hour and a half. A film that knows what it is, what it wants to do and without an extraneous stuff.
  2. This looks great. The mirror scene in the fun house really got me
  3. Pennywise with his tongue out

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  4. Oh looks good... they butchered the second half in the tv series so much, they forgot to make IT scary. I have high hopes, the fact that twitter petitioned for Jessica Chastain to play older Bev, and then she was actually cast, is a hoot.

    I’m settling down to watch “Perfume Of The Lady In Black” as the first film in what I hope will be a Giallo double-bill this evening,
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  5. It-Georgie chanting “YOU LIED AND I DIED” is horrifying
  6. This looks genuinely terrifying. That trailer shook me a bit.
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  7. I’m avoiding watching the trailer for IT Chapter 2 (like I do for all movies now) but the positive responses I keep seeing are making me excited.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Came here to see if this posted and walked away satisfied
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  10. At the time of Scream 2, did anyone have that movie magazine with the free CDROM? It had about 5 or 6 clips from the movie. I don't know why I just remembered that but I must have watched it over and over again. I also loved the CiCi clip.
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  11. Makes sense. I have already purchased a few and so far two out of the four were good. Ha.
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  12. I did yes! It came with Total Film.

    The clip with Syd at the party had different dialogue; the killer says: "It's time, girlfriend!" which was really sassy and funny. Wish they'd kept that.
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  13. Haha, that's the one!
  14. I had so much promo material for Scream 2 it was unreal. I plagued Buena Vista's London office with requests for press kits etc. and got a ton of free crap: Posters, lobby cards, Stab postcards...

    Same for Urban Legend and I Still Know as well, though they didn't go as overboard with them. I remember getting projector slide stills for UL like I could ever hope to acquire a slide-projector to see them on!?
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  15. I think I also have a Scream 2 poster. I remember it had Derek on it and then when the VHS/DVD came out he'd been replaced by Cotton

  16. I got that CDROM somewhere (at least I used to have). I used to buy films magazines back then as I went to cinema heaps then, I am sure I used to buy an annual pass. I went to see most things released then and I saw lots of good but some crap too.
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  17. This is a fairly common thing related to regional press deciding who is more well known where and swapping them out, which, in this case should've meant Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared all over it, but you do you, Scream.

    Search around a bit and you'll find the promo photos of Sarah and also Jamie Kennedy, so I guess they appear on some version of it someplace.

    See also European artwork for Love Actually that has a bit-parter all over it because he's huge in (I think) Spain, but maybe it's South America... can't remember.
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  18. I wonder if that has anything to do with her also appearing in I Know What You Did Last Summer? Maybe not.
  19. JLC has confirmed there are 2 more Halloween sequels. 'Halloween Kills' out next year and 'Halloween Ends' out in 2021.They are being filmed back to back.
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