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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. As long as they do it right, I’m happy with a trilogy
  2. Didn’t they use that clip in one of the trailers?
  3. With Scream being a Weinstein movie, I dread to think what Neve must have gone through.
  4. The Thing (2011) apparently had a lot of brilliant practical effects before the studio wrecked it with a CGI makeover. The dnding was changed too. There's a video on YouTube and the effects look amazing. And yet the studio went with...what they went with.
  5. I genuinely don't understand the logic behind it. Like, the effects were already done. Surely it was just more cost to CGI over it?
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  6. Two more Halloween sequels announced and none for Friday The 13th. My teenage self is fuming. The Friday The 13th lawsuit needs to end ASAP so Jason can get back to doing what he does best.

    The director/writer of part 6, Jason Lives has said he has written a script which is a direct sequel to his entry in the franchise. I love Part 6 so please make this happen.
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  7. It's even more frustrating because The Thing (2011) had some very stomach-churning creature concepts such as the monster "absorbing" its victims slowly while they are still fully conscious (attaching it to that poor guy's head) and that face-splitting effect in the helicopter. I would have loved to have seen those concepts executed with practical effects.
  8. Amazing. Can’t wait, what a pair of great titles.
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  9. I'm addicted to Christopher Lee and his portrayal of Dracula. What an amazing actor who lived an amazing life.
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  10. [​IMG]
    The things women are asked to do to promote a movie
  11. BTG


    And only one of these actresses having more than three scenes.

    It’s weird to see Tori involved in any way in the promo of this movie.
  12. Knowing Tori Spelling, she probably turned up uninvited.
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  13. "HI GUYS!"
  14. I always remember debate on if it was Jada Pinkett or Courtney Cox on the Scream 2 cover? I always thought it was clearly Courtney's floating head. Also I wish queen SMG was on the cover they used most of the time. She was on it in some of the print ads. I used to post these on my wall as a kid. Iconic.


    I miss the 90's.
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  15. Urgh Scream 2 though. What a sequel. There's days when I think I enjoy it even more than the first.
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  16. Wait, wait, wait. It’s definitely Jada, no? You can tell by the eyebrows.

    I swear Sarah was on the poster at one point, and I think I had one, but I can’t for the life of me find any evidence of it.

    Scream 2 though. What a sequel. What a movie. What a mood.

  17. Maybe it is Jada afterall? I've been living a lie? Scream 2 really is that bitch though. Especially Gale at her absolute most savage and those streaks! "Do not fuck with me!"
  18. "I just wanna CATCH THIS FUCKER!"

    S2 Gale is amazing. Seriously a great film and I also agree that it rivals the original, and at some times bests it depending on my mood.
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  19. You can't beat the chase scene with Gale in the sound booth... Classic, classic stuff. Even Scream didn't have anything as nerve-wrecking as that.
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