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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. It's always been crazy to me that the budgets of Scream 3 & 4 were $40 miliion dollars. For slasher movies! I think a lot of that is the behind the scenes talent getting paid more. Scream 3 shows it much more though with its Hollywood set locations, a car chase and a fricking explosion.
  2. Scream 4 had an extensive rewrite just as shooting started, causing Lauren Graham to drop out. Then after test screenings, they reshot the opening (for the worse), and other scenes.

    I quite like this fan edit mixing the two versions of the opening
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  3. I found a Scream snowglobe (with red ‘snow’) and a Scream flashdrive (!) when looking through a box of old stuff earlier.
  4. I just watched Halloween 2018, and I stan Julian. He made the smartest decision in the movie and gtfo.
  5. I watched The Blackcoat's Daughter/February last night and uhh, I was a bit let down.

    It did a fantastic job of building suspense and atmosphere...but that was about it. I don't mind stories told in non-chronological order, but this movie's events were so jumbled up that it all fell flat. The suspense was there but it never felt like the tension was actually building up to something because I had no idea where in the timeline I'd be taken next, so the key scenes near the end didn't have the impact they could have done if the story was told in a more coherent way.

    Also, I genuinely had no idea the furnace was supposed to represent the demon until I looked the movie up afterwards. It...literally just looked like a lit furnace. They could have at least made the flames an unusual colour or something.
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  6. It's going to be a Merry Christmas this year for horror/thriller fans. Scream Factory announced a whole slew of titles coming to Blu-ray in North America, including the confirmation of My Bloody Valentine. Plus, some other goodies...

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  7. Excellent, will be ordering some of those (BODY PARTS (1991), THE FAN (1981), THE FLY COLLECTION, MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981) (Collector’s Edition) [Even though I have the previous Blu Ray], PET SEMATARY II (1992) (Collector’s Edition), PROPHECY (1979), SILVER BULLET (1985) (Collector’s Edition).
    I have some of the other stuff on Blu Ray already including some I will double upon for the extras. I use WOWHD who have vastly improved their delivery service with stuff arriving in the UK a week or so (it used to be 2-21/2).
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  8. Yes, I will be getting My Bloody Valentine (although I also have the previous Blu-ray although I have read on Blu-ray forum that many people have had issues with their discs) and Silver Bullet. I also may get the Fly collection if the reviews are good. I actually quite like The Fly II.
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  9. I'm tempted to watch all 4 Scream movies today and do nothing else, ha.
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  10. Let's Scare Jessica to Death is getting a release! YESSS!
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  11. I missed that one. I saw it for the first time recently and really liked it. Looks like they'll have a bulk order from me.
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  12. I agree that Scream 2 is an iconic sequel (and horror movie in general) but Scream will always trump it for me. That final 45 minutes at the secluded house party with like 8+ cast members, you truly feel like any one of them could be the next to go, slasher horror at its absolute best. The finale of Scream 2 can’t compare.
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  13. I have a vivid memory of seeing a clip... Where the kill for Sarah Darling in Scream 3 was different. Instead of being stabbed and pushed through a glass door, she was shoved into like a power fuse box and electrocuted?
    I've never been able to find any reference to this since but I swear I didn't make it up...
  14. I just finished the Blackcoats Daughter and I have a question...

    How were we supposed to know the Emmas character is in fact the same as Kiernans? I was on my phone towards the end so wondering if I missed something. Also, lolz at them looking nothing alike.
  15. We really deserved Scream 5 and 6. Homophobia won though.
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  16. So great to see Paramount titles being released. Hopefully the Paramount vaults will be wide open. Mommie Dearest... Looking for Mr. Goodbar (whose ending is more terrifying than the scariest slasher).
  17. Serious questions Scream 3 raises:

    1. Why are Christine's feet THAT wet after being out of the shower that long?

    2. Why is she surprised when "Cotton" asks about the game when two minutes before says "You Know I don't like your stab games."

    3. Why didn't Courtney wear a wig with those terrifying bangs she's rocking? She knew they looked bad and you can even tell by the bloopers (which why aren't these on Youtube---poor Lance Henricksen could not get it together) were constantly causing problems. Neve's wearing a wig and it looks good.

    4. Why did they style Sidney in almost the exact green outfit she wore in Scream 2? Did Neve's twenty days of filming not include a day to go through wardrobes?

    5. Why is this series so god damn iconic?
  18. Let's just say Ehren Kruger to 1 through 4.
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  19. I can't believe that hack wrote one of the best horror remakes of all time aka The Ring. I guess most of the praise needs to go to the directing, atmosphere, queen Naomi Watts and the original anyways. It's a miracle he didn't completely ruin Scream 4 although I believe Wes also did some re-writing also.
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  20. I think he's a capable writer - I loved The Skeleton Key - but inheriting someone else's project halfway through can't be easy.

    What was Kevin doing anyway? Seems like he got a bit bored around the time of Scream 3 and couldn't be arsed. Was he funnelling all his efforts into Killing Mrs Tingle at the time?

    If so, ...girl.
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