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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Yeah Skeleton Key was decent and the twist had me shook. He does have his moments. I believe Kevin was doing a bunch of TV at the time including a show called Wasteland with an iconic early 00's cast (Rebecca Gayheart, the Exorcist girl from Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Sasha Alexander, Brad Rowe) that got cancelled soon anyways. I wish they could have waited for him but I guess it was hard getting everyone together at the same time anyways.
  2. Why was Neve only available for 20 days?
  3. I didn't know Neve wore a wig in Scream 3. I wish Courtney had. Was she sporting such a dodgy hair style in Friends too?
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  4. Neve was shooting Drowning Mona with fellow Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis so only was available for 20 days hence her lack of screentime in the beginning and had to wear a wig.
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  5. When you can't commit to one terrible film because of another terrible film.
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  6. Wait, Neve Campbell is wearing a wig in Scream 3? And Courteney Cox isn't?

    I just can't process this.
  7. BTG


    Wait! I thought Courteney was wearing a wig? That was her hair?!!
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  8. Why would anyone choose a teeny tiny microfringe wig?
  9. I love this thread.
  10. Courteney's Scream 3 hair still getting the gays shook 19 years later. Name bangs with more impact.

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  11. Name a more iconic wig that looks like Nelly Furtado got smacked with a weed whacker!
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    The year 2000 was wild.


    Halle and Courteney were out there trying to start trends.
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  13. Jessie J was in ‘Scream 3’?
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Uno


    Crawl was entertaining but I definitely expected more from a film with 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  16. All a 90% means is that most gave it a passable score, not a 90% average.
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  17. I had to read this three times to understand it. HAHA.
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  18. Why she didn't cut it all off and wear a wig until it looked okay again, I do not know.

    Still, its hilarious that after all these years its probably being discussed more than ever...
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  19. If The Rachel was the haircut of the 90s, then The Gale was the cut of the new Millennium.
  20. haha, well it was certainly the cut of that film.
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