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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. It’s Indicator, but it’s also sat at a post office waiting for me to collect tomorrow... and their Norman J Warren set.

    What a spellbinding film, and it was a video nasty, as it really is. Sam Neil hasn’t done much better if yo ask me.

    And on the subject of “Pieces”, it’s camp for sure, and is a perfect party horror, alongside Sleepaway Camp, Chopping Mall and Fatal Games.
  2. I haven't thought of that movie in years, but just reading the title alone makes me remember what a gem it is and what a tour-de-force performance Zohra Lampert gives in it. Creepy slow-burn Horror drama masterpiece.
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  3. I’m watching Cold Skin on Netflix...
    Fish fucking gory period fun, I suppose.
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  4. [​IMG]

    This is on Prime. Remember seeing it back in the day. Despite featuring icons Molly Ringwald and Kylie Minogue it just isn't good. They tried to make an Australian Scream but it's a no for me.
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  5. It just missed out on the top 5, along with Nightmare on Elm Street. The 5 I chose had much more of an impact for one reason or another. They evoked something in me when I first saw that I still remember to this day. Most of them are older because I was much more impressionable then, before I became an old cynic.
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  6. I haven't watch mine yet, it came a few days early direct from Indicator. I had streamed it recently so will put off watching it until when it's not so fresh in my memory.
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  8. Do I have any fellow The Loved Ones stans in here?
  9. Are my not pretty enough
  10. Ok so guess this is the best place for this. I am obsessed with Child's Play and Chucky and today this got announced.

    What a beauty.

  11. Drills to the head freak me out so fucking much. A great horror film, though. The comedy in it is so, so dark.
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  12. Bay Of Blood aka Twitch of the Death Nerve
    House on Sorority Row
    Slumber Party Massacre
    The Mutilator (the gaffe scene is super yikes so be warned)
    Blood Rage
  13. Lola Stone is an icon.

  14. The ending of House on Sorority Row is legitimately amazing! Great horror gem.
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  15. The ending is really great. It is one of my favorite Final Girl moments ever. Also like Slumber Party Massacre the female characters have actual conversations with each other.
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  16. I’ve just watched the original Rosemarie’s Baby for the first time, what a truly unnerving masterpiece.
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  17. This feels like...the most positive and loving clique on the forum somehow, Ddddd.
  18. The whole film is so strong. The final drug induced 20 minutes manages to be memorable and downright scary, which is rare for any slasher.
  19. Rosemary's Baby is one of the best horror films of all time. Mia is sensational. Hereditary Who?
  20. The way she begins to unravel and tries to frantically convince others is amazing.

    I followed this up with the 2006 Omen remake (obviously she’s great in that too). It’s not brilliant but certainly didn’t warrant the critical mauling it got.
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