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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. BTG


    The problem with The Omen 2006 was the fact that they expected me to be interested in Liev’s journey when Julia Stiles is right there?

    Also, Rosemary’s Baby? Masterpiece. Ruth Gordon is incredible.
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  2. It did a tad, when you compare it to The Hills Have Eyes, in remake quality, that came out the same year, it pales in comparison completely. In fact I’ve never had an urge to rewatch it from my first time seeing it in the cinema, but I rewatch the original three often.
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  3. Never seen The Hills Have Eyes remake, will check it out later today.
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  4. It’s great.
    The original is a classic, the remake verges on overtaking it
    (not the sequel though, in fact, both Part 2’s are trash, I have no idea why Arrow are giving the 1985 one a deluxe release... I mean a dog has a bloody flashback).
  5. Does this really happen?...
  6. Yes

    After giving us Elm Street, for Craven to limp onto that after, was a creatively bankrupt choice. At least Elm Street 3 and Deadly Friend got him back on a more even keel.
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  7. BTG


    She’s marathoning the Child’s Play series.
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  8. Nuh-uh, the 1983 one is a bad movie paradise.

    They ran out of money, hence everybody, dogs, even cacti getting flashbacks to pad it out. President's wife from 24 as a victim, final girl who is blind and psychic (they pranked her with that headband), score by Harry Manfredini, and Kevin Spirtas from Friday VII looking hawt.
  9. Scary Stories - for me it was pretty average. I do not understand all those rave reviews. The first story was nice as well as the one in a hospital and that's it. I was scared like twice. Main cast was nice to look at and they did a pretty good job but some dialogues really made me cringe. I know it was PG-13 but they could do so much better.
  10. BTG


    So this has been fun.

    The first one is so divorced from what the series has become, with lots of dumped plot elements. The witch doctor is out of place and there’s such a focus on the adults, but it holds up really well. It’s definitely the creepiest but I think that’s due to the grim Chicago setting a la Candyman.

    The second is genuinely excellent too? Great final girl, great climax. Built upon the best parts of the first and such a fun slasher.

    The third is terrible. So boring, badly cast and the military school setting is just never interesting.

    Bride has no business being as good as it is. It looks stunning, it’s slick, glossy, bloody with Scream-esque meta-humour. Jennifer Tilly is incredible, there’s a (rare) openly gay character, and it’s camp without being full farce. I love it.
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  11. Are you going to do Seed, Curse and Cult?

    Curse and Cult are pretty decent.
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  12. BTG


    Yes, but not tonight. I’ve spent a shameful amount of time today which some shoddily dubbed dolls dddddd.

    Looking back, I think Bride is one of the first slashers I ever saw? Along with Scream and I Know... The gay jumped out early with this one.
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  13. Curse of Chucky ended up being very good! Cult less so but I appreciated how they really went for that ending.
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  14. The painfully obvious 50p budget for Cult made it a very tough watch.
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  15. BTG


    I love Cult for the absurd love letter to De Palma that it is. Fiona Dourif’s impression of her dad is incredible.
  16. Anybody watch the Hulu series Into The Dark? The most recent episode/movie "School Spirit" was really good, definitely something I thought would be up your street @Hudweiser.
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  17. I have only seen The Body so far but keep meaning to catch up.

    I think the fact I saw Cult at the cinema with a q&a with Don, Jennifer and Fiona greatly enhanced it for me. Plus the full on madness at the end like you say.
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  18. I watched all the Chucky films recently and really, they're aren't very good. The first is classic, obviously but I didn't get much enjoyment out of the rest. I hated the remake too.
  19. Someone did mention it to me recently. I'm a bit off slasher flicks lately though. A straw finally broke my back.
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