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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. The pacing and tension building in The Hills Have Eyes remake is horror perfection.
  2. The caravan scene is something else.
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  3. The Hills Have Eyes remake is strong but that Caravan scene really is where it peaks, the second half of the film just isn't anywhere near as good.
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  4. But does a dog have a flashback?

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  5. Really. Whilst 3 is meh, 2 is amazing and the factory scene is a delight.
  6. I just saw The Hole In The Ground - it was okay with some good scares. The boy who plays the possessed kid can really act.

    I also saw this other Korean thriller/horror hybrid called Hide & Seek, although the last 30 minutes towards the end is an exercise in stupidity and the illogical, the scenes before were scary as fuck, especially the opening sequence. I also did not see the twist coming, if you're in the mood and want some K-horror in your life, I would recommended it.

    This is the trailer:

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  7. I watched The Cabin in the Woods last night in my quest to watch every horror movie I was interested in at the time of release but was too young/scared to watch, and I really liked it! It definitely aligned with my favourite kind of horror, that leaves the audience more afraid of themselves than the movie itself.

    Also, I had no idea it was where the "the evil is defeated" gif came from. I screamed when I realised I'd actually seen that part before.
  8. The Ring remake is brilliant, right? Or is it just me?
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  9. Whew, the chilling blue cinematography is one of my favorite atmospheres in a horror film. Also, Naomi is a gag. Now, it's sequel with that CGI bambi thou....
  10. It was fine.

    Even the Dark Water remake was in it ownself a beautiful arthouse film reimagined. Although it holds nothing near the amazingness that the original Japanese version had.
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  11. I still can’t believe that The Ring 2 was directed by the same person as the actual original. Was it studio meddling? Or what?
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  12. The Ring 2 is such a strange film. I didn't hate it but it was unnecessary and even Queen Naomi's face is contractual-obligation face throughout the entire film.
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  13. Oh it was written by one Mr Ehren Kruger.

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  14. All I remember from it is the guy from Final Destination 3 at the start trying to trick the girl into watching the tape and him finding out she kept her eyes shut.
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  15. I love the look and feel of The Ring remake. It has an excellent atmosphere. But the "mythology" is a bit overly explained and convoluted. It was more creepy when it was kept ambiguous, in the first half of the film.
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  16. Vera wore iT better

  17. One of my favourite movies of all time.
  18. Love Orphan.
    We first watched it at the cinema, and the air con had packed in, and it was a full screening, and it just got hotter and hotter in the auditorium as the film progressed, and made it all a lot more demented than it was
    (Also got a free ticket for another film after).
    But great treatment of a well-worn premise.
  19. Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark was... not scary. It was a pretty entertaining mystery movie, but it didn't create any kind of atmosphere. Two of the monsters even made me laugh? And I'm not usually one to nitpick on the acting in horror movies, but oh dear was the main girl terrible.
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