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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I had the opposite for The Others - it was freeeezing, which really added to the ambience. But no free tickets.
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  2. BTG


    Ring and The Ring are both fantastic movies. How the remake managed to recapture the foreboding, nihilistic sense of dread, I’ll never know.

    The original is a masterclass in utter hopelessness.
  3. Orphan is such a great film. One of the last times I truly enjoyed a horror film at the cinema. (sorry, just not really into Annabelle or Paranormal Activity).

    BTW, although it's not technically a horror film (although one could say it is horror), catch Vera Farmiga in Skin starring Jamie Bell. She and Jamie are fantastic in it. Vera is truly terrifying in it and yet her performance is so subtle - which makes her character even more terrifying.

    I thought it would get more buzz from TIFF and its standing ovation for the premiere screening but it got lost in the shuffle it seems.
  4. Speaking of creepy possessed kids films, which one do y’all think is the TOP three or five?

    I know Poltergeist and The Omen (the originals) would be on that list.
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  5. Although she's definitely not a kid, I remember being really pleasantly surprised by The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
  6. I do love a horror film that also manages to squeeze in a courtroom drama.
  7. Cujo turns 36 today. Certainly one of the better King adaptations, and one of the rare ones where I’m glad they changed the ending dddddd

  8. Recently re-watched The Descent. Such a brilliant horror and the all female cast were superb. I actually loved the bleak ending aswell, I couldn't believe they changed it for US audiences.

    The sequel was completely unnecessary.
  9. I’ve never seen the sequel. Is it any good at all?

    The Children (2008 I think) is brilliant. It builds so brilliantly and the ending really sticks with you.
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  10. The Orphanage > Orphan and that’s that on that.
  11. I agree. I was really disappointed with the movie because I was expecting something scary. The two last monsters/ghosts made me loose all interest in the film and they were just laughable. Overall the movie felt like a horror movie for kids. I guess I had the wrong expectations.
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  12. The Innocents
    Alice Sweet Alice
    Pet Sematary (1989)
    I could say Wes Craven's New Nightmare as well with another creepy performance from Miko Hughes aka Gage
    The Orphanage
  13. The original The Descent with that bleak ending is a modern classic in horror. Only the genre of horror could explore grief and loss in such an unforgettable manner.

    When you lose someone you love, it does feel like such a plunge into darkness, where you're fighting just to live each day. It's also genuinely frightening!
  14. The Descent is terrific. A classic.

    But I'm still bitter that, as a Canadian, we got that shit ending in the car.
  15. Ermmmm I didn’t know The Descent had two ending? Let me find them.

    Also I haven’t seen The Descent 2. After all these years, I’m still saving it, although I know it’s not as good as the first.
  16. Some of these early reviews for Ready or Not have got me very excited indeed.
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  17. It's not a film, but the second season of The Terror just started after the first season was one of the best horror experiences I've had on television. Definitely recommended.
  18. The Descent 2 has it's moments. It's a little bit of a retread of the first movie in places but there are some genuinely scary moments. If you enjoyed the first movie there's plenty to enjoy here. I don't think it tarnishes the first in anyway. My only real criticism is that the characters in it aren't that likeable, bar maybe one or two and there's an attempt to try and give the whole thing an explaination which I never really cared for.
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  19. The Children is so underrated. The level of tension and atmosphere conveyed is incredible.

    Watched School Spirit on Hulu. Pretty decent. Worth a watch for slasher fans. The killer's look was cool and a certain trope they spat on in the end was nice.

    Orphan is good but the other killer kid movie also starring queen Vera called Joshua is better.
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  20. The Descent was amazing. Juno was the MVP of that movie, despite her flaws.
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